watch: Zodwa Wabantu is living her life to the fullest

watch: Zodwa Wabantu is living her life to the fullest

Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

It was Pope John XXIII UN agency explicit that “people square measure like fine wine, some communicate vinegar however the simplest improve with age”.

In more than a way, Zodwa’s life has been a transparent revelation of this expression and a real definition of however artists grow and develop as time goes by.

It’s her birthday nowadays and after all, we can’t forget the eventful year she has had, below square measure a number of her highlights of the past year.

Zodwa Flashes Her Goodies On Stage

Zodwa Wabantu wore a brief, black diaphanous outfit and stripped off her underclothing on stage, and swung it within the air throughout a performance. She regarded herself as a sincere and authentic one who believes that Zodwa Wabantu could also be found in everybody. She conjointly inspired others to rent her for public appearances.

In another social media video from an equivalent event, Zodwa may be seen slapping and verbalise a meeter. She ordered her bodyguards to get rid of him from the stage, humbling him before of the complete audience.

It’s unclear what the culprit did, however it’s potential he tried to grope Zodwa on stage or aforementioned one thing offensive. This has afraid several of Zodwa’s admirers, UN agency square measure involved concerning her safety once she dresses in her underclothing within the sight of rapey people.

Zodwa s.e.x.u.a.lly raped

After a video of personage Zodwa Wabantu being sexually attacked by an admirer at a concert leaked, South Africans square measure involved concerning her safety. an admirer tried to press his finger on Zodwa’s personal half as she was acting next to the DJ. The bouncers stopped the male fan, and also the Zodwa shoved him away and laughed concerning it. This has sparked worries on social media concerning the sort of abuse the dancer ofttimes receives from fans once she performs.

On social media, Zodwa has however to comment to the footage. Some folks on social media square measure questioning whether or not she was sexually raped. Take a glance at a number of the responses below.

Tira abandoned Zodwa

Afrotainment, DJ Tira’s firm, signed the enterpriser UN agency attained a reputation for herself as associate exotic dancer with the hopes of growing to bigger heights. She’d host shows in revealing outfits whereas being coached by Tira.

However, Zodwa currently needs to try to to her own issue since she contains a important following and industrial relationships, which suggests she is going to have to be compelled to leave Afrotainment. DJ Tira solely has sensible desires for Zodwa.

“I’m a businessperson, and Tira may be a bourgeois. i could not work beneath anyone else from now on. “I had to form a business call,” she explained.

Zodwa aforementioned that port artists have the tendency of limiting themselves however she doesn’t need to form that mistake. “Many artists from port square measure limiting themselves. they’re solely in style in port. I didn’t need to be like that. I wished to unfold my wings and build my complete.”

Zodwa’s feud with Khanyi over Mandla

The exotic dancer likes to ruffle people’s feathers, and she or he did that on Instagram once she mocked Khanyi Mbau. The singer excited another episode of her reality show ‘Zodwa Uncensored’ on social media, giving her followers one thing to seem forward to. She reviewed her most nail-biting episode up to now, that options Khanyi Mbau.

She discusses the episode within the clip, that discovered some fascinating insights regarding Zodwa and Khanyi’s dispute. Khanyi’s encounter showed that her man and baby pater, Mandla Mthembu, had cheated on her with the debatable dancer whereas they were married. throughout their dispute, Khanyi “gaslights” Zodwa, convincing her that she is laid low with a sickness which sleeping with a better half can unfold the upset to her.

Despite the actual fact that they ne’er such what they meant by “sickness,” many of us assumed they were pertaining to HIV. no matter the actual fact that HIV is that the most ordinarily feared sexually transmitted malady, Zodwa’s call to require associate HIV take a look at before of the complete country was proof enough.

“Zodwa Wabantu merely Eat ARV’s, Uphume Ezindabeni Zabantu (mind your own business.)” Zodwa joked within the captions of the video concerning ingestion her ARVs.

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