Watch Video: Also Israel Matseke-Zulu joins the #AdiweleChallenge

Watch Video: Also Israel Matseke-Zulu joins the #AdiweleChallenge

Israel Matseke-Zulu
Israel Matseke-Zulu

Former Gomora actor Israel Matseke-Zulu – who trended in December for having his right leg reattached, lately shared in the#AdiweleChallenge.

He uploaded a videotape on his Instagram account doing the challenge with his operation platoon while sitting down.

Masteke-Zulu is accompanied by Takie Nemangowe, the Alex FM Station Manager, and his director MaVusana in the videotape.

Israel Matseke-Zulu’s right leg was reportedly reattached following his gangrene opinion.
A original publication stated that the actor’s operation took place at a Sandton sanitarium.

Matseke-Zulu took to social media to reveal that he’d to exit Gomora due to his health struggles.
“ It’s true that I’ve been diagnosed with a complaint, which oppressively affected the functioning of my legs making it delicate for me to walk duly and serve well on set during the filming.”
Suckers were devastated when he exited the telenovela back in November and crowded to his runners to find out what happed.

He revealed that he asked to be written off the show to deal with a medical issue, he said in a statement.

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