Watch Video: Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede (MaMlambo) shares fans off her fancy shoe collection

Watch Video: Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede (MaMlambo) shares fans off her fancy shoe collection

Uzalo actress, Gugu Gumede doesn’t play when it involves her shoe collection. The Uzalo actress is usually posting pictures on her Instagram, rocking differing types of kicks on her feet.

Gugu Gumede once revealed that’s she’s a dress and sneakers quite girl on her social media.

She doesn’t play when it involves her footwear and from the looks of it, she goes all out for a pair of sneakers.

Gugu Gumede recently posted a hilarious video on Instagram and therefore the eagle-eyed fans were quick to note her sneaker collection, within the background.

Sis must open a sneaker museum because her shoe game is on point.

The fans gushed about her sneaker collection within the comments section, saying it had been doing the foremost.

Well, a minimum of we feel better about not being hooked in to heels.

In September, Gugu Gumede made waves after she bought herself a replacement Range Rover, estimated to cost a minimum of R1. 7 million.

The new car came an equivalent week she signed the transfer documents to her new house.

The Uzalo actress seems to be doing well for herself and runs quite tight accounting ship and has made good investments.

When she bought her car, Gugu Gumede revealed that she features a financial adviser who helps her with making sound financial decisions.

She wrote:

“Thank you for helping me make sound financial decisions and guiding me. You’ve changed my life. To my financial adviser, @leroyfirmin, whom I’m on the phone with the way an excessive amount of, discussing how he must make me a billionaire by the time I’m forty; you’ve got 11 years Leroy, don’t sleep. many thanks for pushing me to be better and for guiding me to take a position wisely.”

Sis has her financial affairs in perfect order.