Watch Video: Scandal Actress “Sivenathi Mabuya” Shares Video From Her Wedding

Watch Video: Scandal Actress “Sivenathi Mabuya” Shares Video From Her Wedding

Sivenathi Mabuya
Sivenathi Mabuya

Former Scandal! actor Sivenathi Mabuya got married to the love of her life recently and social media is here for the content.

Sive and her husband 1st got married historically at the start of the year when her lobola negotiations. Sivenathi shared a couple of pictures on her social media accounts however no video footage was out there till recently.

In the video she’s shared, her co-star from Scandal! handling the master of ceremony duties with many friends and family gathered to celebrate with in her town. they’re seen saltation in ancient wedding apparel.

The couple is currently one month into their wedding.

In a Q&A from 2 months past Sive unconcealed that she isn’t designing on having a baby anytime presently The actor and her husband could also be enjoying their honeymoon however they’re not designing on having a baby anytime presently. Sive says she remains enjoying her youth.

What she uses for her glow:

Sivenathi uses Sparkle Skin Care Republic of South Africa to stay her skin wanting pretty much as good as she will. Her husband isn’t within the show business Sive’s husband isn’t within the show business, he’s in company.

How she manages to remain positive all the time?

A fan asked her however she manages to stay the positive energy all the time and her response was that life is simply too short. Peace is effective to her.
Watch Video: Scandal Actress "Sivenathi Mabuya" Shares Video From Her Wedding 3

Plans on beginning a YouTube channel

In recent months we’ve seen the amount of celebrities beginning YouTube channels grow. Sive, however, has zero plans to begin one unless it’s together with her family.

How did she recognize he was the one?

“How did you recognize he was the one,” an admirer asked. “He was patient enough to attend twelve years for that frozen dessert date he asked for back in 2008,” she

How did she and her husband meet?

She and her sisters were stranded at a mall and he took them home.

Was the choice to urge married a simple one?

One of her fans, whose considering wedding needed to understand however the choice to urge married was for her. “I guess it ought to be once you very love somebody. however deciding to urge into it and start it ar 2 various things,” she explained. “Can’t say my call was straightforward however it’s positively one in every of the simplest call I’ve ever created.”

Her favorite Bible scripture is Hebrews 2:6-8

The King James version reads as follows: “But one in a very bound place testified, saying, what’s man, that yard art aware of him? Or the son of man, that yard visits him? yard madest him a bit below the angels; yard crownedst him with glory and honour, And didst set him over the works of thy hands: yard hast place all things in subjection below his feet. For therein he place tired subjection below him, he left nothing that’s not anesthetize him. however currently we tend to see not however all things anesthetize him.”

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