watch video: MacG In problem After Calling Dj Sbu Gay – Video

watch video: MacG In problem After Calling Dj Sbu Gay – Video

watch video: MacG In problem After Calling Dj Sbu Gay – Video
watch video: MacG In problem After Calling Dj Sbu Gay – Video

Podcast and Chill with MacG has landed several celebrities in bother. From Natasha Thahane and her “corruption” scandal to Jub Jub and his multiple rape accusations. But now, MacG himself can be in bother with DJ Sbu due to his own platform.

In the now-infamous episode wherever MacG hosted Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub, the 2 of them spoke at length on several topics, a number of that have attracted plenty of attention. however what nearly flew beneath the measuring instrument was their language on the LGBTQ+, during which MacG alluded to DJ Sbu being gay.

Jub Jub initial asked MacG what he thinks of gay men, to that he responded that he loves them. In explaining that he takes no issue with the LGBTQ+ community, MacG continued to mention that he has several gay friends, together with DJ Sbu. the 2 of them then erupted in laughter; an instant that wasn’t appreciated by some viewers, worst of all, Dj Sbu himself.

The DJ went on his Instagram to precise his disappointment at the 2 of them. Sharing a snipping of the interview, he questioned each Jub Jub and MacG on why they might disrespect him like that. “Is this however you convey Maine my brothers?” he wrote.

Fans have variable opinions on whether or not MacG and Jub Jub meant to disrespect Dj Sbu, and on whether or not the latter has any right to be pained. Some believe that tho’ distasteful, the 2 were solely jocose, and there’s no reason for DJ Sbu to catch feelings. On the opposite hand, a number of the DJ’s fans assume that it had been terribly rude for them to speak concerning him like that.

The list of individuals with grievances at MacG due to his podcast keeps growing. only recently, he came vulnerable for failing to change elements of AN interview with Natasha Thahane that her team allegedly asked him to get rid of.

He was additionally dragged for being misogynistic and for providing a platform on which individuals may spew terribly vile things with no consequences, as he encourages and claps for them. In fact, tweeps have even been occupation for his cancellation.

However it plays out for MacG, it’s going to be time for him to tread gently. no matter his motivations could also be, he’s making several enemies, although he’s gaining several supporters and fans likewise.

Either way, it’s like Dj Sbu are going to be expecting him ANd Jub Jub to return out and provide an apology, as he was clearly not diverted by their comedy, in spite of what percentage fans tell him that it had been solely a joke.

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