he is not dead, Watch True Story: Heavy K “I’m Okay & Alive”

Watch True Story: Heavy K “I’m Okay & Alive”

Heavy K
Heavy K

A death hoax or confusion over someone’s death will unfold like conflagration, departure friends, family, and fans panicking. Imagine reading on social media that your dear is dead once they don’t seem to be.

Heavy K’s fans were left in a very state of panic following radio-host and bourgeois Sizwe Dhlomo’s cryptic tweet. This follows when he tweeted “Eish… RIP serious.”

His followers flooded his comments section with questions about that serious was he touching on. In serious K’s case, it had been a case of mistaken identity, as several thought it had been him despite the fact that Sizwe’s tweet was obscure regarding that serious he was touching on.

Many Twitter users thought he was touching on the victory serious K. Taking to his Twitter account serious K assured his fans that he’s much alive and he isn’t dead. “I’m certain this unit skipped @SizweDhlomo’s mind due to the shock or one thing no laborious feelings, but guys, I’m okay & alive,” he tweeted.

Sizwe was mentioning his friend serious Pablo United Nations agency was reportedly shot dead.

Some Twitter users have found it unfair for celebrities to not provide clear details once somebody dies, creating them conjointly panic. ought to we have a tendency to honestly watch for the family to substantiate such sensitive news before sharing on social media?

“This issue of Sturmarbeiteilung celebs being gatekeepers of Funerals should stop. If you’re about to keep individuals on the suspense of someone’s passing, then do not post it.”

Another celeb United Nations agency was recently hit with a stunning death hoax is Israel Zulu. Through his PR team, Israel Zulu laughed off these death rumors and aforementioned he was much alive and was convalescent reception together with his family.

“The rumor of the passing of GP-MaOrange remains that: rumor. they’re Associate in Nursing annual incidence while not fail. Israel is incredibly a lot of alive, convalescent reception with family, and in elation. He are going to be celebrating his birthday on the twenty eighth of Dec, and perhaps those desire him dead can for once have a chance to would like him long life then. He saw the rumor and simply laughed it off,” reads the statement.

The actor recently left Gomora due when being diagnosed with gangrene that was creating it tough for him to figure. gap up regarding his malady, he aforementioned it started as some delicate pains that he took as a passing part. He added that they then created it tough for him to provide his all to the show.

“I love Gomora as a show that I actually have been on the brink of from its origin, a lot of so it discovered in my hood Alexandra administrative district. At an equivalent time i’m the type of actor United Nations agency after I do what i prefer i need to be ready to go full force, provides it my all,” he continuing.

He thanked the producers of the show and his fellow actors for understanding and for carrying him till the top, “I appreciate the show producers and fellow actors for his or her understanding and for carrying ME till the top. I apologise to the multitudes of my fans for my exit and hope you still support the show, particularly the young crop of actors United Nations agency ar very doing their best to form it exciting. i’m presently receiving the most effective medical treatment, and that i am in elation having passed what i feel to be the worst stage of my state of affairs.

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