Watch: tonight, April 1, P_ssy Party is presenting at Maboneng’s rooftop oasis.

tonight, April 1, P_ssy Party is presenting at Maboneng’s rooftop oasis

 P_ssy Party
P_ssy Party

The event will feature some of the city’s coolest DJs: Mama Beat, Bo’sHub, Phatstoki, sof, Fif_Laaa and Black.

“We kick off the evening with two beats sets from the women behind South Africa’s premier beat-scene brands, Dominique Soma from We Heart Beat as Mama Beat; and Bonolo Thomas of Under Pressure Sundays as Bo’sHub.

“Next up is rising talent Songo Ananda as sof, bringing left-of-centre pop and hip hop with a gentle touch,” says co-founder Rosie Parade.

“Headlining the event is P_ssy Party Academy alumnus Fif_Laaa, who began her DJ career with us. Since her start in DJing in 2017, Fif_Laaa soon became one of the city’s most trusted DJs with residencies across the city. Fif_Laaa now hosts Three Way on Y-FM every Thursday night, digging deep into local and global hip hop culture.

“Rounding out the night is another P_ssy Party Academy alumnus, Black, with wind-your-waist hip hop and R&B to close out the night on a sexy note,” adds Gontse Phatstoki More.

P_ssy Party was founded in 2016 as an incubator for women and queer DJs in Johannesburg. Frustrated with a lack of access and support, two upcoming musicians and DJs, Rosie Parade and Phatstoki began by hosting regular club nights in Braamfontein.

The project grew to encompass regular DJ workshops (now being relaunched in June as the P_ssy Party Academy) and ongoing mentorship for women and queer people in all aspects of nightlife and club culture.

“P_ssy Party presents a unique opportunity for women and queer people to get in touch with their sensuality in a space that prioritises autonomy and consent,” says Rosie Parade.

The project has become a movement with pop-ups across the country and has recently received funding from Spotify’s Equal Collective to take P_ssy Party Academy to the next level, including a global workshop initiative and P_ssy Party Lagos Edition.

P_ssy Party will also be joining the globa

Pu_ssy Party exists to create a regular platform for femme DJs and artists to practise, incubate, exchange and expose.

“We are a pro-femme community. An experiment in amplifying feminine energy on the dance floor.“


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