watch: Things you probably didn’t know about Jub Jub

Things you probably didn’t know about Jub Jub

jub Jub
jub Jub

In the wake of Amanda Du Pont’s stunning revelation that has virtually agitated Mzansi, Jub Jub has found himself trending for all the incorrect reasons.

Ever since his controversial interview with mack G on Podcast and Chill ventilated, Jub Jub’s skeletons started tumbling from his closet.

It looks like his past has come back to haunt him.

In light-weight of everything that’s happening, here may be a summation of stuff you in all probability didn’t understand him.

Jub Jub, real name Molemo Katleho Maarohanye was born on the twenty ninth of Gregorian calendar month 1980. He was bred in metropolis, city East during a family of five.

He is a jack of all trades, besides being a TV host, he’s conjointly a hip hop creator.

Jub Jub is renowned for his remake of ‘Ndikhokhele bawo’ and for hosting fashionable shows like ‘Uyajola 9/9’, ‘You secure to Marry Me’ and ‘Uthando Noxolo’.
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Jub Jub may be a kid star. He was discovered in 1991 once he partook during a fashionable Coca Cola Tv promotional material that featured football legend Doctor Khumalo. Ever since then, he hosted variety of shows like Jam Alley, Yo Tv, etc.

Jub Jub once had a stroke with the law. In March 2010, Jub Jub and his friend Themba Tshabalala were inactive.

This was when the 2 got concerned during a drag sport accident whereas underneath the influence of exhausting medicine. Four faculty kids lost their lives whereas 2 suffered severe head injuries that broken their brains.
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In December 2012, Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala received a 25-year jail sentence every, for tried murder and 3 connected offences.

In October, constant year, Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala’s murder ruling was weighed down during a court in metropolis, to blamable killing when they appealed against the court ruling. This saw their sentence reduced to ten years from 2012.

After serving slightly over four years of their jail sentence Jub Jub and his friend were free in 2017 on parole.

Meanwhile, Jub Jub’s mother, Jacqueline Maarohanye – Mama Jackie is presently serving time in jail. This comes when she was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, of that 5 years were suspended, for commercialism 2 orphans to a unfruitful couple for R30,000, furthermore as lawlessly running Associate in Nursing orphanage.
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She is presupposed to have coached and pressured kids to inform sob stories concerning however they witnessed their folks being killed, thus she might get cash from donors

Jub Jub’s mother was fashionable for her “noble” initiative to supply a home for orphans WHO had obscurity else to travel before she was inactive.

She was hailed because the “Angel of Soweto”. Through her orphanage, she raised tons of cash within the sort of donations from prestigious folks, together with Oprah Winfrey and solon.
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Jub Jub may be a husband. He confirmed his wedding to a mysterious lady on railroad line FM’s ‘The Drive’.

“She was there before, she stood out through my prison term, through the trials and tribulations, she never judged me, she never cursed me, she never looked at me in a different kind of way,” he said.

Not abundant is understood concerning his mate. once asked why he doesn’t flaunt his mate, Jub Jub discovered that his mate may be a personal person.

“She’s not there for the fame, she’s not there for the money she’s not there for anything, that’s why y’all haven’t seen her.”

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