Watch the reveal of Lasizwe’s fake friends that he exposed

Watch the reveal of Lasizwe’s fake friends that he exposed


Lasizwe Dambuza is bored with the faux love from the trade and has expressed that he desires real love from individuals. it’s typically to surround yourself with real individuals particularly if individuals still abide the notion of ‘fake it until you create it.’

Lasizwe has ne’er been one to back aloof from expressing himself. tegument is what someone has to survive the trade and it’s evident that he’s operating onerous to master it.

One factor he noticed tho’ was the fakeness from individuals within the trade and the way he needs individuals might stop deception for every alternative. He noticed however those who do offer off kindness square measure typically aforesaid to be faux.
Watch the reveal of Lasizwe's fake friends that he exposed 5
“In the diversion industry… several interpret kindness as being faux. i purchase it tho’ cause plenty of individuals be faux and smile simply to urge one thing from US. I’ve practiced it and its really sad! I simply would like we tend to {could be|might be|can be|may be|may we tend toll be} real to 1 another particularly cause we in one trade.”

Anyway, Lasizwe is super excited to launch the primary episode of his YouTube series along with his brother Lungile. Tomorrow they’re going to be rocking YouTube with their show that he still has not nevertheless named. the sole factor we all know is that it’s #LasizweAndLungile on the streaming app.

Lasizwe {is always|is usually|is typically} open and honest concerning psychological state that he often shares a touch a lot of concerning his own.

It hit him the foremost once Riky Rick committed suicide, “The proven fact that he had nobody to talk to… nobody knew that he was really dying within. I went through that; i do know however it sounds like. i do know however it sounds like to die within and don’t have any one to speak to, nobody to grasp,” he said, in tears.
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“This sh** is f***ed up as a result of in our trade individuals desire it’s all good… individuals got to begin understanding that depression is real. the instant we tend to begin taking it seriously like however we tend to take cancer seriously is that the moment we tend to square measure aiming to have less dangerous cases. Men square measure afraid to talk out. They desire they have to bottle it up, they have to drink alcohol, get dangerous b****yes and that’s it, and that’s wrong,” he continuing.

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