Watch Story: Mohale Hits Somizi where it hurts the most but it won’t end well

He Didn’t see this coming: Mohale Hits Somizi where it hurts the most but it won’t end well

Mohale Hits Somizi
Mohale Hits Somizi

It looks like Mohale Motaung has stepped in 2022 with some ton of courageousness to through shade at his haters. for a few reason within the English books that is what finding your power appears like.

Over the past year Mohale’s name has been creating headlines for obvious reasons. His rocky divorce is what unbroken black Twitter talking for months. but it absolutely was till the huge revelation that he was abused by his alienated husband Somizi, that everybody raised eyebrows.

Although some folks selected to not believe him on social media, still there have been people who came through for him which includes the likes of Amanda Black. quick forward to 2022 Mohale is proving to his fans and haters that so he is liberated

Taking to Instagram over the past few days of 2022, Mohale threw some shade at the foremost worth folks (only God is aware of what percentage folks are development for his downfall). however fans place 2 and 2 along and over that the shade was aimed toward his alienated husband Somizi.

“Cheers to a 2022 crammed with no concern and no regrets.” Mohale captioned his post.

To many folks, this was his means of claiming that he has no regret that his nephrotoxic wedding concluded which he’ll live the remainder of his life this year and onward while not being intimidated.

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