WATCH | Somizi hits back at Twitter after trending for defending Vusi Nova

WATCH | Somizi hits back at Twitter after trending for defending Vusi Nova

After being dragged for employing a troll’s financial position against him during a clap back, Idols SA judge Somizi has recorded a video to elucidate himself, his “hurtful” clap back and the way trolls who began to offend celebrities got to know celebs also are capable of trolling!

Vusi and Somizi recently dropped their much-hyped single Intandane, which suggests “orphan” and is devoted to their late mothers.

However, the web focused on Vusi’s sexuality, which led to Somizi coming to his defence with a “money-related” clap back that landed him on the Twitter trends list.

A tweep questioned Vusi’s sexuality on Somizi’s post promoting the only , and therefore the Idols SA judge clapped back by pertaining to the tweep’s “tekateking bank account”. His clap back — deemed as unnecessarily personal and irrelevant by tweeps — landed Somizi on the trends list.

In a video posted on his Instagram TV, an unapologetic Somizi told tweeps where to urge off and emphasised that if trolls want to offend celebs, they have to stay an equivalent energy when the celebs clap back.

“I’m sure i’m speaking for tons of individuals , especially within the public space, that there are certain cyber bullies — especially on Twitter, cyber bullies who expect to mention something to celebrities, or personalities or famous people or maybe non-famous people — who expect them to stay quiet simply because they’re famous, that they can not say anything because they’re protecting their brand or say it to require attention from them.”

As far as his “constantly questioned” friendship with Vusi and Vusi’s sexuality are concerned, Somizi said that information was private and none of anybody’s business.

Somizi also made it clear he would never stop dispensing hurtful clap backs that he knows will hit his haters where it hurts. He said everyone who is offended by his clap backs can keep their money to themselves because he doesn’t need them or their support.

“Personally, i’m at a stage where I can tell when someone is simply asking something because they need attention. But i’m capable of retaliating, returning back, clapping back which is that the problem with cyber bullies. they need to serve it but they do not want to urge it!”

Watch the complete video below: