Watch Video| scandal over video of 15-year-old girls ‘selling their bodies for iPhones’

Watch | scandal over video of 15-year-old girls ‘selling their bodies for iPhones’

scandal over video
scandal over video

SA Twitter has expressed outrage and dissatisfaction over a video current on-line of suspected 15-year-old women World Health Organization area unit aforesaid to be merchandising their bodies in Parklands.

The video was shared on Twitter by one user. iHarare remains ascertaining the credibility of the video’s facts and can update this story as additional details emerge.

In the video, the four women were barely wearing short dresses, that left their cleavages, thighs and backs exposed, going very little to the imagination. the ladies were taking turns strutting to the camera and showing off their bodies.

The video states that the ladies were “selling their bodies at Parklands for iPhones”. Watch the video below.

Lisa, World Health Organization denote the video, had ab initio denote 2, and different users complained that this is often resembling erotica. She then deleted the second video.

A scroll through the comments section reveals that Lisa, World Health Organization denote the video, may have once been a part of these shenanigans.

The video of the 15-year-old women flustered tweeps, World Health Organization expressed their dissatisfaction with things. check up on their reactions below.
@TumiMmakgabo –

When I was 15yrs old the gate closed at 6pm. Where are the parents ?

@TakaTina1 – 

These are school kids, it means it is rape. I don’t understand adults here who are commenting and blaming kids for adults who pray at kids


@Mhlana –

This is not prostitution though. It’s rape, these are minors being taken advantage of by old men. There’s no law that permits old men to rape minors. It’s easy to blame kidd than to hold old men accountable.


@david_kholofelo – 

Truly speaking if this was my daughter I was gonna make sure the law takes it’s course or I take law into my own hands.💔😥


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