Watch Muvhango: Wednesday 30 December 2021 – Tenda confesses to murdering Hulisani

Muvhango: Wednesday 30 December 2021 – Tenda confesses to murdering Hulisani

Watch Muvhango: Wednesday 30 December 2021 – Tenda confesses to murdering Hulisani 3

In the former occurrences on Muvhango

After dealing Mantwa Kenosi to the loftiest endeavor, his due parents Tenda and Mpho, she used the plutocrat to upgrade herself, much to James and Imani’s dismay. They were taken suddenly when they learned what Mantwa had done. She’s gotten herself into further trouble than she bargained for. When Moipone discovers what Mantwa has done, she orders Tenda to deliver the child to her or she’d reveal his dirty secret of boggling Hulisani, Rendanis partner, who was his whoreson. Moiponi came dangerously close to meeting her maker for knowing such a secret. Tenda doesn’t share in the game. He also comes near to killing her. Moiponi is manipulating Tenda with this. But do you suppose Tenda’s crimes should have an impact on baby Keno? Is Mpho, on the other hand, meritorious of being separated from her child?
.James is so enraged that he wants to quit MMC. Tenda is advised by Gugu. Right now, everything is pouring like acid rain. Shaz wants Hangwani to return to his family.

On the coming occasion, Thursday 30 December 2021
.The saga continues with James and Imani.
James is dead intent on leaving MMC and intends to bring Gugu along with him. I am curious as to what will be after the whole reality is revealed and James realizes his mama abducted baby Keno. Keno is Mphos’ child, and Tenda nearly killed his mama. Just allowing about it makes me sleepy. These are thrilling times to be alive. Hangwani is still in Joburg, and Marang can not stop herself from revealing that she’s apprehensive of this. That Marang, on the other hand.

Muvhango Wednesday 29 December 2021. Screenshot from former Occurrences

Tenda comes clean
Tenda is forced to confess to the murder of Hulisani, and Mpho is taken suddenly. Tebda must now pay for his transgressions, according to her. She intends to file a police report against him. He does earn it, however; after all, he started the whole thing when he killed his whoreson. He now stands to lose his woman, child, career, freedom, and life.
Rendi is also dealing with her problems with Tshireletso, one of which involves Tenda. This drama noway ends, and we can not get enough of it.
Muvhango airs every Monday to Friday on SABC2 at 21h00
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