WATCH: Messy divorce or not, Mohale Motaung is enjoying his life

LOOK: Messy divorce or not, Mohale Motaung is enjoying his life

WATCH: Messy divorce or not, Mohale Motaung is enjoying his life
WATCH: Messy divorce or not, Mohale Motaung is enjoying his life

He might be going through a veritably public and messy divorce, but that has not stopped media personality Mohale Motaung from living his stylish life.

Mohale has taken to the rearmost social media mode expression, “ na enjoyment” the stylish way he knows how, by travelling.
“ Na enjoyment” is the rearmost social media mode that went viral on TikTok and took over every other social media platform.

It means to “ temporarily abandon or defer your fiscal liabilities so you can prioritise having fun and living like all your plutocrat is devoted to feeding your jones”.
Living the veritably description of “ na enjoyment”, Mohale treated himself to amalgamations and rose petal cataracts at the Palala Exchange Game Lodge & Spa.

“ Occasionally you must just say to the world that‘na enjoyment’.
“ See you have a merlot bath in the backwoods, you have some rubbish, you have some grapes, also you have my favourite, some biltong.

“ And also last, but not least, you have the wines. It’s called’na enjoyment’okay,” he said in a videotape he posted on his Instagram account.
In the videotape, he’s sitting in a bathtub.

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Mohale’s videotape comes at the same time that his estranged hubby Somizi Mhlongo threw shade at him.

Somizi was a guest on The Braai Show with Cassper Nyovest where the brace, who are veritably good musketeers, prepared a mess together and had an honest converse about life.

Like the food, effects got a little racy when Cassper asked the former Icons SA judge where Mohale was.

‘Where is Mohale? “ Cassper asked. Somizi replied, saying “ Oh, he’s gone. He’s no longer alive.”

A stupefied Cassper also asked Somizi if he was serious, to which he said “ He’s departed from this earth.”

Cassper also goes on to press Somizi for a better answer, saying that he and everyone differently wants to know what happed, especially since the hipsterism hop star was at Somizi and Mohale’s extravagant marriage.

“ I’ve been asking myself where is the joe. Do you know what the people are saying? They say he pulled the Italian job,” said Cassper.

Mohale and Somizi made captions in August, after allegations of abuse were made public.

This after Mohale had indicted Somizi of abuse, in an interview he did with directors of the reality show Living the Dream with Somizi.

Mohale told directors that Somizi tried to kill him with a kitchen cutter and struck him off the road with his auto while he tried to flee.

Somizi denied the allegations.

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