Watch Last Update From Police on AKA murder investigation

Watch Last Update From Police on AKA murder investigation

Watch Last Update From Police on AKA murder investigation
Watch Last Update From Police on AKA murder investigation

A crack platoon of KwaZulu- Natal investigators are poring over hundreds of hours of videotape footage, canvassing scores of people and trawling social media for any and every indication that could lead them to arresting the people behind the murders of rapper Kiernan “ AKA ” Forbes and his close friend, Tebello “ Tibz ” Motsoane.
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KwaZulu- Natal Provincial Police Commissioner, Lt- Gen Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, speaking on Newzroom Afrika said that investigators were in the process of tracing the movements of the hitmen backwards in an trouble to identify the killers.

He believes that AKA was the main target of the megahit and his friend, Motsoane was struck during crossfire.

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“ Our strategy is to trace the incident from the firing backwards. How those people got to the spot( of the crime scene), what was their communication and what were their movements.

“ The disquisition that we’re rolling out and the strategy we’re employing is that we’re tracing it back., from the firing backwards, as to how those people get called to that spot from the first place and everything differently that involves their communication, their movements, and so forth, ” he said.
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Mkhwanazi said that investigators were going through a massive quantum of data to piece together the events leading up to the firing and after the firing.

“ We’re still analysing quite a number of data that we collected, including videotape footage, cellphone data, communication, social media dispatches, as I ’m sure it’s public knowledge that one of the deceased was communicating all his movements previous to him going to the place so anyone who would have access to( those social media platforms) would have known exactly where he was going to be at any given time, ” he said.

Mkhwanazi said that there was no mistrustfulness in his mind that AKA’s murder was a “ contract payoff ”.

“ From the police, from the substantiation that you collected we’ve no doubt. But from what we’ve seen as the police is that two culprits that walk across the road and there’s one that walked history and stood on this side of the road, another one walks around the auto and shoots only AKA behind his observance. He didn’t shoot the friend that was with him. He only shot AKA. Double shots and they ran down, ” he said.

Police believe that Motsoane was killed by the pellets of the alternate shooter who was standing before AKA and his group.

The alternate marksman fired a couple of shots in the direction that Motsoane was in, but hadn’t inescapably meant to hit him.

“ He was just shooting indiscriminately, it wasn’t that Mr Motsoane was a target. Anyone standing in that line( of fire) could have been shot. Our disquisition, although I can not reveal important about what we’ve and who we’ve linked, but it’s safe to say as we probe our strategy would number checking on every person that was in contact with the departed previous to them coming to the venue and also when they were leaving the venue.

“ But we do n’t end there. We also assay the data in terms of any persons that gathered( at the crime scene) after the firing so that we can read the geste of all those that were at the crime scene, ” Mkhwanazi said.

He said it was important to go through the footage of who was at the crime scene culprits frequently come back to the scene.

“ It could it be that the organiser was among those that acted as observers after that incident, ” Mkhwanazi said.

What the police do know, he added, was that AKA had an adversary that wanted him dead.

“ Whether the adversary was a person that happed to be in that road at that time, or the adversary was notoriety that was travelling with him from wherever he was coming to that area. Or the adversary is notoriety that he might have had a clash with in the once nearly for reasons unknown to us. So we’re trying to erect everything together so they were suitable to get answers. That’s why it’s illegal for us to say right now what could have been the reason( for the murders), ” he said.

On the allegation that AKA was told to stay down from KZN because of his former gal’s death by self-murder, Mkhwanazi said there were at present no links to why AKA was killed.

“ still, our interest is to try and establish as to who could have wanted this man dead The incident in Cape Town may surely have infuriated some people who criticized him for being the cause of similar death that happed in Cape Town. So I’ve engaged with my associates in Cape Town to establish what happed to the case in Cape Town and the status thereof.

“ I’ve been told that the case is lying with the State Prosecutors, as a decision has not inescapably been made. So we’re looking at that case, we’re( looking) at any beef that he might have had with whoever through social media that we know of or at public places and other conflicts that he might have had.

“ principally we’re looking at his life, who were his musketeers and who was he in contact with and who are the people that presumably might have had conflict with( him) that might have wanted him dead, ” Mkhwanazi added.

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