Watch: Lasizwe’s latest skit mocks from students during the exam

Watch: Lasizwe’s latest skit mocks from students during the exam

Lasizwe Dambuza brought his fans through a world of fond memories with his most recent production, “Various Students Getting Their Test Results”.

In the video, he depicts a disappointed teacher, who lashes out to her understudies for not doing admirably in a test. When she strolls in the class, she begins shouting: “This class is falling flat without a hitch.” The irate instructor includes: “I’m frustrated in every one of you.”

This is trailed by Michelle, an understudy moaning in light of the fact that she got 95% rather than 99%. At that point there’s Karabo, who is commending his 40% pass mark, and the instructor appears to be extremely disturbed about the current circumstance particularly with a larger part of understudies flopping in her group.

She kept on communicating her dissatisfaction and stated, “So whether you pass or bomb I despite everything get my pay with a reward, so keep being a class of coming up short with flying class. I’m resting calmly realizing that all of you fizzled.”

Numerous fans found the play clever and expressed that Lasizwe helped them to remember their school days, bringing about the star besting the neighborhood Twitter patterns records.

On the other side, the 21-year-old YouTuber got fire for his internet based life post on Wednesday, where he told fans that he is cleaning his shoe wardrobe and he’s parting with his old shoes.

Posting a heap of shoes including boots, tennis shoes and shoes, he expressed: “Beginning my shoe assortment once more by parting with a portion of my shoes to my household specialist and the rest to those that need a couple.”

While many lauded the adolescent for his demonstration of benevolence, many scrutinized him for alluding to his aide as a “residential laborer”.

The following are a portion of the Twitter response.

@Lasizwe you human in Africa bra where’s the regard and great ethics you were you it’s… uAunty, uMama, uSisi… wazin wena nge local worker😳

Fans hopped in and guarded the star, expressing that there is as there’s nothing censorious about the expression “residential specialist.”

See the fans responses beneath: