Watch: Kid X surprises Makwa with good news

Kid X surprises Makwa with good news

Watch: Kid X surprises Makwa with good news 5
Sprat X surprises Makwa over the weekend while at a show with news of the song, Mtano Muntu reaching platinum status. The song was released times agone, and Makwa who’s a hipsterism hop music patron was on the song. Following the rearmost feat of the song, the father of one decided to give the patron his shrine at a show.

Sprat X appreciates everyone who contributed to the success of the song, whose music videotape on YouTube has succeeded 3 million views, since its’premier in 2018.
Watch: Kid X surprises Makwa with good news 6
“ Last night was monumental. I brought out my [email protected] to surprise him with his shrine and the news that#MntanoMuntuIsPlatinum. I ca n’t begin to express how thankful I’m for this moment. Thank you mojita for producing and featuring on my first platinum shrine. Thank you to ama [email protected] for their blessing and amazing donation. Thank you to my broers at Raplyf for their priceless donation to my trip and career. Thank you to every single radio station and Television channel that has helped spread the music,” the music artist said.

“ Thank you [email protected] (@ofentsemwase &@nelisiwemwase) for the amazing illustrations that propelled this song to these great heights. Thank you to the entire platoon [email protected] for riding with the boy and doing everything to make this possible. Thank you to my [email protected]_sa for the innumerous trouble he put into making this record and videotape come together. Thank you to my suckers, every single person who streamed, downloaded, liked, participated, appertained this song to the coming person. You all contributed to this priceless moment. I ’m eternally thankful,” he added.

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