Watch: Here is who was seen with President Jacob Zuma

Here is who was seen with President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma
President Jacob Zuma

There is a South African singer that stunned several South Africans by winning the Song of the Year award on one in every of South Africa’s radio stations. solely a number of South Africans were alert to her existence, and lots of protested afterward, however it created very little distinction.

Though it’s unclear what really occurred within the state of affairs, what remains is that the winner resolve by United Nations agency received the foremost votes from supporters. and also the pleaded-for majority of votes

DJ Hlo seems to possess a superb reference to President Jacob Zuma and also the dowse forces, supported previous sightings of her with members of the African Congress United Nations agency area unit thought of to be from the dowse Faction. She was photographed with the country’s former president once more these days.
Watch: Here is who was seen with President Jacob Zuma 5

Many South African musicians have an interest in politics, and it’s assumed that DJ Hlo would be operating with the African National Congress within the in the meantime, only if the ANC remains the govt.. it is important and vital.

Following that, DJ Hlo could be a vital member and supporter of the African National Congress’s dowse Faction. He has been seen on multiple occasions among folks that stanchly support President Jacob Zuma and also the suspended Secretary-General of the African National Congress.

Another feature of President Jacob Zuma that distinguishes him from several alternative politicians is that he has sturdy relationships with people from all walks of life, as well as his own. he’s presumably one in every of the politicians United Nations agency has additional friends than all alternative politicians combined. that is his temperament and the way he’s all the time.

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