Watch: Heartwarming video of DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz on the dancefloor

Heartwarming video of DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz on the dancefloor

Watch: Heartwarming video of DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz on the dancefloor 3

Baby Asante’s appearance has brought so important joy into the Mohosana and Jiyane ménage. Zinhle always brightens up her follower’s days by posting some gladdening baby content whenever she gushes over her pack of joy.
DJ Zinhle ‘s alternate baby Asante had a awful cotillion with her father, Murdah Bongz and her suckers can not stop gushing over them. Both of them have been reserved and busy but eventually got reunited at Zinhle’s home. Zinhle posted selfies of the two of them and said‘reunited,’which suggests that she and Murdah have been piecemeal for while.

Murdah on the other hand also showed how important he’s agitated to be with his family and said, “ God loves me, wow.”
Also she had us reaching for the apkins when she posted a videotape of Murdah playing and dancing with Asante. They’re just an lovable brace.

Zinhle also mentioned how important she can not live without Murdah Bongz and said it’s presumably jejune. “ It’s really jejune how I can not live without Murdah Bongz,” she said.

This family is the cutest, then’s how her suckers replied
.“ Yho God really came through for DJ Zinhle with this man.”

“ That’s God restoring all that’s lost and when it’s time he surely shows off, and blesses you with all your heart desire.”

“ God works in mysterious ways … He’ll shoot you the bone at the right time.”

Zinhle had mentioned before how Kairo is feeling a bit left out ever since Asante came into their family. She makes time to spend with Kairo independently so she doesn’t have that feeling of resentment.
“ I suppose it’s an adaptation for all of us, history we literally had to have a mammy and me gym day without the baby, because she’s feeling a bit neglected. I’ve to suppose of everything now, if I’m buying this for Asante I’ve to suppose of Kairo. And naturally I’m geared to take care of Asante because she’s so small. But I had to really say I’ve two kiddies, you have to attend to both and I’ve help luckily.

“ She’s doing veritably well she loves her family, she just thinks the baby is boring which is true, but she loves her,” Zinhle laughed.
Her career is also blowing the same way her private life is. Zinhle lately had to defend womanish DJ ‘s after the hate they re entering online by pixies. Especially since the gradational rise of Uncle Waffles.

A comb said, “ Being a womanish DJ these days only requires aesthetics and some sexy cotillion moves. Nothing cares about your mixing”.
Zinhle isn’t having it and so she replied to his tweet and said, “ So sad that you chose to reduce the growth of the womanish MC assiduity to this. I surely do n’t agree with you. I ’m loving how the girls are making it their own and dominating. Surely there’s commodity to celebrate then.”
She dropped some plums of wisdom for other womanish Anchorpeople and told them to just be themselves, “ Womanish Anchorpeople, perfect your art … do n’t give them a reason to discourteousness your work. Practice makes perfect. With that said, wear whatever you wan na wear & dance if it’s your thing … They’re talking because you ’re shaking the assiduity. It’s our time!”

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