Watch: Gogo Maweni has pet snakes, But Snake Is Not Well For This.

Watch: Gogo Maweni has pet snakes, But Snake Is Not Well For This.

Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni’s Snake isn’t Well
You won’t believe what is wrong with it

Many people met Gogo Maweni once she took her alleged baby pappa to Moja Love’s Papgeld a few of years agone and since then, the normal therapist has been creating headlines.

The traditional therapist whose real name is Makgotso Lee-Anne Makgopo has managed to make an admirer base for herself. in 2019, she bagged a reality show on Mzansi Magic that follows the lives of recent ancient practitioners.

The reality show that is titled Izangoma Zodumo became an immediate hit and naturally, Gogo Maweni became the flight star of the show.

A couple of weeks agone, Gogo Maweni created headlines once it had been unconcealed that she was allegedly SK Khoza’s baby mama once videos of the actor acting unpredictably surfaced on-line.

Upon seeing the videos, social media users took a deep dive into her personal life and located previous posts that created them believe that she allegedly would possibly otherwise be accountable for his unhealthy behavior, a claim that she vehemently denied. In one among her older social media posts, she wrote, “I don’t have baby pappa problems. All problems were settled in my nduma! the end result was to depart them with nothing…if my youngsters don’t “eat” nobody fare – do the math!”

In associate interview on Gagasi FM, Gogo Maweni cleared her name and denied any involvement, “For people who do not know, I supported him financially and showing emotion. I even have ne’er seen this aspect of him and that i cannot inquire into his behavior as a result of there area unit things that I cannot discuss relating to him.”

In the same interview, the therapist aforesaid that she would be willing to assist him even supposing they’re not a few, “I are willing to help. Sthembiso is that the father of my kid. i do not hate him and that i detest seeing him do of these things and to be honest, I was hurt. To be honest he was one among the people that pushed Maine to simply accept my ancestral job. i do not need to and he aforesaid you wish to travel through this and that i can support you.”

Shortly then, we have a tendency to seen that Gogo Maweni has pet snakes which left the total country intrigued.

Yesterday, Gogo Maweni poor the net once more once she unconcealed that one among her snakes has influenza. What afraid folks the foremost was that they weren’t aware that snakes may catch the influenza. Take a glance at the post below:

This is not the primary time a castmate of the popular show has created headlines, last year, former castmate cake Ngwemabala discharged a press release once being concerned in drama along with her initiates United Nations agency defendant her of ill-treating them. within the statement, she said, “If at all, I beaten you as you mention with arduous allegations, take Maine to court or ngibophiseni (get Maine arrested) otherwise planning to to assist people that wanna destroy Maine won’t bring justice. It’s unhappy that my initiates dragged Maine here. Why did not you discover some other person. It’s unhappy seeing you make up these traps. Use the correct channels,” she aforesaid at the time.

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