Watch Fake prisoners are breaking the internet

Watch Fake prisoners are breaking the internet

Watch Fake prisoners are breaking the internet
Watch Fake prisoners are breaking the internet

Digital content creators, fashion designers Bandile and Banele Mdhluli, popularly called Skinnyleague, blew au courant social media with their content on TikTok sporting orange inmate uniforms.

The twins’ content isn’t just for laughs, however to coach their fans concerning psychological state and expose the misunderstanding concerning ex-convicts.

Skinnyleague shared with the publication however they started doing content in inmates’ garments.

“The inspiration of pushing content within the punitive service garments took place whereas we tend to visited one in every of our brothers WHO shared personal insight on the jail life, the dos, and therefore the don’ts,” aforementioned Bandile.

“Elevating the mind’s state may be a mechanism we’re talented in and being within the era of social media, we tend to took a glance at the platform to visualize however we are able to expose the misunderstanding of ex-cons infusing it with our fashion.

“We conjointly incorporate psychological state, that is additionally a key consider the content we tend to turn out,” aforementioned Bandile.

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The brothers conjointly aforementioned that they didn’t think about having their own orange uniform styles as a vesture|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} complete till their fans requested that they begin a clothing label.

“Well, it didn’t come back to our attention that we tend to may begin a wears} complete till the reception was good,” aforementioned Bandile.

The twins, from Mpumalanga, don’t seem to be solely TikTok content creators.

They are conjointly the founders of the complete African Dream, that they started in 2018.

African Dream was shaped in their pursuit to accomplish their dream and keenness for fashion.

They’ve conjointly worked with brands like Debonairs and teleost.

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