Watch: Dineo Ranaka’s viral outburst on baby daddy lands DJ Lamiez in trouble

Dineo Ranaka’s viral outburst on baby daddy lands DJ Lamiez in trouble

Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka recently bust the net once a video came to lightweight, wherever she discovered non-public things regarding her life, all whereas yelling at a person UN agency appears to be her most up-to-date lover. Dj Lamiez Holworthy gave her opinion on the adventure story, and it’s landed her in bother with Mzansi.

In the infective agent video of Dineo that has currently ruined her public image – she has perpetually unbroken her personal life non-public and tightly controls what individuals understand her – the DJ discovered that she had single her husband Klaas Pesha.

The man within the video is termed Sechaba peg, and from context, we are able to tell that he has been her lover for a few time currently. Dineo told him that she solely used him as a rebound to induce over her failing wedding, and bragged regarding being a far larger star than he’s.

As you’ll imagine, Mzansi was angered by the video. They patterned that Dineo shouldn’t be yelling at a full-grown man like that, notably one that she has been experienced.

But Dj Lamiez saw the video in a very totally different lightweight. She went on-line to lament the very fact that Dineo was on the QT recorded, in all probability by someone she considers a “friend”, in a {very} very vulnerable state and within the middle of a meltdown. Lamiez wished to understand what reasonably friends would do one thing like that then leak the video

While it had been a good critique of relationship and missive of invitation for individuals to keenly examine those they detain their circles, tweeps took the comment as a defense of Ranaka’s behaviour. They straight off descended on Lamiez, asking her however she may watch the video and see a “vulnerable moment” instead of Dineo descending verbal abuse on Sechaba.

Dineo is nevertheless to form any comments regarding the total adventure story. All of Mzansi are waiting with bated breath for her response, as this was a rare glimpse into a aspect of her that we have a tendency to didn’t recognize existed. Either way, they’re want Sechaba well, and hope he gets to be in healthier relationships going forward.

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