watch: Cassper Nyovest Falls Victim To Bullying

Cassper Nyovest Falls Victim To Bullying

watch: Cassper Nyovest Falls Victim To Bullying
watch: Cassper Nyovest Falls Victim To Bullying

It has not been Cassper Nyovest ‘s week as he has been getting combed for his The Braai Show With Cassper Nyovest figures. Mac G took a swipe at Cassper on his Podcast And Chill series and it was n’t enough.

What was first seen as a bold move when he took over from his nemesis AKA, on the Braai show, is now being seen as a mistake as the figures don’t match. The reason behind remonstrating AKA to the check with his Braai Show wasn’t revealed but if the intention was to pull by more observers, also that plan might have failed dismally.
Phil Mphela blazoned weeks back when the show vented it’s first occasion that Cassper’s figures didn’t match up to AKA’s.

“ Braai Show Season 2 figures declined after debut. Just over2.2-million on September 8th was the most watched occasion for the whole month, meaning posterior occurrences pulled lower observers. The new season is yet to beat season one’s2.8-million peak,” reported Phil.

watch: Cassper Nyovest Falls Victim To Bullying
watch: Cassper Nyovest Falls Victim To Bullying

This left a bitter taste on not only Cassper Nyovest suckers, but on the man himself. He didn’t buy Phil’s reporting and so he broke his silence for the first time ever. “ I ’m not indeed gon na explain anything my dawg. You always have the answers in your tweet but fact is, I made Big Bank and my customer is veritably happy with my service. Everyplace I go I meet suckers who watch it religiously and there’s addresses of a rehearsal,” answered Cass to a addict who asked him about this.

The addict reckons that cargo slipping is to condemn for the low conditions but Cassper said SABC 1 is happy with the results and he got paid a lot of plutocrat.
Cassper indeed took a swipe at Phil Mphela and combed him by calling him Uncle Phill.

But not letting him go fluently was Podcast and Chill’s MacG who combed Cassper for the conditions on the show. “ The Braai Show, I allowed you’ll mention The Braai Show, it seems like no bone is watching The Braai Show,” said Sol. His mate in crime Mac G also said, “ The figures are bad, terrible.”
After swapping a many laughs and studies about the conditions, Mac G took another poke at Cassper, “ The Podcast without Sol is like The Braai Show without AKA,” he said.

When Phil broke the news, Nota Baloyi also had his say-so, “ Damn I really had similar high expedients for the show. I do n’t watch Television however and I only pay my DSTV decoration subscription to pierce big sporting games so I ’m not the target request. I still suppose Refiloe should go join IdolsSA that ’ll be a perfect staid transition out of music!”
Slik Talk also had the time of his life dragging Cassper but not only for his Braai Show but also his alcoholic libation, Billiato. “ So I just decided to bootleg Cassper Nyovest’s show,’The Braai Show.’I did n’t wan na watch it on Television cause I felt like I was gon na be the only person tuning in. Supposedly nothing watches this show,” Slik Talk said. He also added that, “ Cassper Nyovest is a terrible presenter. Nothing is intriguing about thisshow.However, please do n’t, If you have n’t watched it.”

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