Watch : Actress Zola Nombona raises her newborn baby Boy with her hands

Watch : Actress Zola Nombona raises her newborn baby Boy with her hands


Just days in the wake of revealing that her newborn child kid had made his astounding segment into the world, performer Zola Nombona has given fans a concise gander at Cebelihle.

Looking all glammed into, the new mother shared a beguiling video on Instagram of herself holding Cebelihle at what is apparently their first photoshoot.

With a caption that read, “Mother and her posterity. I’m so charmed it’s preposterous,” Zola is apparently blasted by her new smile chief.


As of late, Zola announced the presence of her youngster with a superb snap of her newborn child’s impacts on Instagram.

In February, Zola insisted that she was expecting with a beguiling snap that paraded her youngster thump.

In a friendship letter to her unborn youngster, Zola formed by then, “Here is my veneration flourishing. My world has changed and made,” on her Instagram post.

“Your voice will look like the tune I’ve throbbed for, and no entertainer on the planet could ever shape. Your eyes will evacuate the murkiness that has been shutting down mine. Your smile will wipe away every tear. Your hand will proceed with me forever. You strengthened me I never acknowledged I had.”

By then in May, on-screen character Thomas Gumede let it slip that he was the on-screen character’s kid daddy.

Thomas let the news slip when he conveyed his joy and vitality through online systems administration media at the new piece of his life.

Taking to Instagram, Thomas shared ultrasound photographs of their unborn kid joined with a true message. Regardless, it didn’t take long for his supporters to see that the ultrasound pictures had Zola’s name on them.

“I review clearly the day I found a few solutions concerning you. Your mother looked at me and expressed, ‘I’m pregnant’ and a while later kept on crying. I grasped it was tears of ecstasy, pressure, intensity, uncertainty, love and the little affirmation that life will never be the comparable again.

“As I’ve watched you create from endeavoring to feel for the essential kick, to importuning you to stop guquluzing and playing soccer in your mother’s stomach now in the third trimester.”


Source : instagram / news365