Was Khanyi Mbau get engaged to Kudzai Mushonga? See The Ring .

Was Khanyi Mbau get engaged to Kudzai Mushonga?

Was Khanyi Mbau get engaged to Kudzai Mushonga
Was Khanyi Mbau get engaged to Kudzai Mushonga

Media personality Khanyi Mbau is sporting new jewellery on her ring cutlet, leading some to believe she might be tying the knot with her swain Kudzai Mushonga.

Khanyi relationship has been on a rocky lift after Kudzai suggested Khanyi was missing in Dubai in August.
He said he’d dropped Khanyi off at a salon and planned to pick her up when she was done, which noway happed.

He posted a videotape of himself looking for Khanyi but was unfit to find her.
A many hours latterly, Kudzai revealed that the Abomama “ star had returned to South Africa, along with other details of their relationship.

“ I can just confirm now, my squeeze texted me she said she’s back in Joburg … So all this time I ’m going crazy saying I ca n’t find Khanyi … we did n’t fight, we did n’t argue the same day that she left,” he said.
Upon her return, Khanyi reached the top of the trends list after a videotape of her singing went viral.

The videotape wasn’t a hit on social media because of the stars oral capacities or warrant thereof, but because of the contents of the catchy lyrics.
Still, last month she eventually returned to Dubai and the couple feel to have made up.

Taking to Instagram, the “ Mbau Reloaded Always Rise” star participated a picture while bemoaning cargo slipping.
Suckers snappily noticed that she had what appeared to be an engagement ring on her left hand.

@ntombizodwagonyora asked “ What is that shiney thing on your cutlet? “
@miss_gwindingwi said “ Not the engagement ring “.
Khanyi has n’t responded to the enquiries regarding the status of her relationship and has limited commentary on her Instagram runner.

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