Vuyo Dabula was raised by a single mother

Vuyo Dabula was raised by a single mother


With the lockdown restrictions put in place and everybody instructed to stay at home, it has been reported through various media outlets that gender based violence (GBV) has increased tremendously.

The South African Police Services also reported with figures, that there was about 87 000 reported cases of gender-based violence in the first week of lockdown alone.

ZAlebs such as Zozibini Tunzi reacted with great sadness over the news and said; “We are in the middle of a war with this horrible virus that’s threatening mankind kodwa we still have to stop & plead with you to act right! Why are you doing this maan?”

Another celeb who plans on using his voice and artistry together with his huge following is Queen Sono’s Vuyo Dabula.

He believes in tackling the situation by educating people in communities through film.

“We know GBV is a big issue in SA, and I hope that with everything we do, including with Queen Sono, we can change perceptions and educate people. We need to take education to those societies which need it the most. That is the most important goal for me,” he told TshisaLive

As a person who was raised by a single mother, Vuyo Dabula believes that women deserve the utmost respect.

“I was raised by a single mother and surrounded by strong sisters. Women have carried this nation for decades, and I hope they can get the respect they deserve.”