Video for Kelly Khumalo prays for the end of Covid-19

Video for Kelly Khumalo prays for the end of Covid-19

With South Africa recently exceeding the a million mark of Covid-19 cases, award-winning singer Kelly Khumalo has urged the state to wish to God for an end to the deadly virus.

Weighing in on the worldwide pandemic, the songstress encouraged people to wish , insisting that the planet “needs God quite ever”.

Taking to social media on Monday, the “Jehovah” singer says people can call her “crazy” but she won’t stop urging South Africans to hunt divine intervention to prevent the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video clip posted on her Instagram page, the star are often heard saying: “Beloveds, our people are dying … Yes, we’ve to social distance, keep our masks on, and I’m sure with the alcohol ban things are getting to go down.

But I don’t hear tons of state officials calling us to prayer. I feel that we’d like God quite ever at now in time.”

She continued: “Again i do know tons of you’ll certify me as a crazy person.

I need to ask you guys to turn the Lord because no scientist goes to make a miracle at now . we’d like God Himself.