Video: Dj Tira Dancing To Oliver Mtukudzi’s Song Charms Zimbabweans

Video: Dj Tira Dancing To Oliver Mtukudzi’s Song Charms Zimbabweans

Dj Tira Dancing
Dj Tira Dancing


South African triumph musician Dj Tira aka adult male Marufu ne’er ceases to amaze Zimbabweans.

Recent video footage of Dj Tira recreation to King Oliver Mtukudzi has charmed Zimbabweans.

Dj Tira jetted into Republic of Zimbabwe on weekday for his show at Wood saloon & Grill and fans were quite happy that their favorite South African creative person was back within the country once more.

In the video that has since gone infective agent, Dj Tira was noticed having a jolly blast whereas vibing to King Oliver Mtukudzi’s song.

Watch the video below as Dj Tira dances to King Oliver Mtukudzi’s song;

Zimbabweans were quite affected with the approach he loves all things Zimbabwean. whereas some welcome him back to the country, some social media users jokingly concurred that Dj Tira is certainly Zimbabwean.

Netizens even prompt that Dj Tira and Makhadzi ought to lean Republic of Zimbabwean citizenship as a result of their love for Zimbabwe is unmatched.

Check out  some of the comments;

We welcome you Mr Dirarizare Marufu.
Uyu na Makhadzi vapei zvitupa😂😂😂 ndevedu
more proof to show that DJ Dira is zimbo.
Welcome back Mr Marufu.

On the flip side, another section on social media went on to advise him not to lose his passport. Dj Tira once lost his passport in  Zimbabwe after staging a show in Gwanda leading him to stay in the country longer than he had anticipated.

He only managed to return to South Africa after being issued travel documents by the South African Embassy on Monday.

DJ Tira said he only discovered that his passport was missing at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo when he was about to board a plane back to South Africa.

DJ Tira said he was devastated when the guesthouse staff could not find the passport. He said:

I was staying at a guest house in Gwanda. I only discovered the passport was missing when I arrived to board the flight on Sunday at 11 am, my flight was at 1235hrs in Bulawayo. I blame myself for not checking if the passport was in my bag before I left the guest house, and I was sure it was at the guest house, but when the guest house staff couldn’t find it, I was devastated.

Dj Tira even offered a reward of US$1000 for the return of his passport. He wrote the message in English and Shona.

I have a reward of $1000 (USD) for anyone to return my passport.

Ndine mubairo we1000 kune munhu anodzosa passport yangu yakarasika.

Efforts to get his passport back were all fruitless.

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