VIDEO – Anele Nelli Tembe: You Don’t Know What He’s Been Doing To Me!

VIDEO – Anele Nelli Tembe: You Don’t Know What He’s Been Doing To Me!

Following the tragic passing of bless ‘Nelli’ Tembe UN agency fell off a building building in metropolis. Footage of the young urban center girl UN agency was chemical analysis rapper AKA has surfaced on social media.

In one in every of the videos that have caused a stir, the late girl of urban center bourgeois Moses Tembe ca he detected expression ‘Get removed from ME, you don’t apprehend what he has been doing to me’ whereas a man is attempting to calm her down whereas she is crying.

In the different video, bless are often seen sitting within the sleeping room along with her hands on her face rocking back and forth whereas AKA are often detected speaking within the background of the video.

“Look in any respect of this. someone here is beneath the influence and tried to leap off the balcony. My ears area unit ringing. i believe I burst my tympanic membrane. I even have a witness that witnessed that I didn’t fight back, and there’s no fighting back from my facet, and this is often what it’s like. So, after we visit court, i would like individuals to ascertain,” he said.

The videos were leaked by Anele’s shut friend UN agency in keeping with reports aforesaid been considering for weeks on what to try and do regarding the incidents.

Responding to the leaked videos and pictures AKA whose real name is Kiernan Forbes aforesaid the allegations against him area unit to influence the inquiry that was opened once bless fell out of the building building.

“I’m totally aware UN agency the ‘sources’ participating media area unit and what their intentions area unit, that is to influence the police inquiry – that the investigation officer has expressed varied times to my legal team and them that I Kiernan Jarryd Forbes haven’t been named as a suspect, however are nothing however a co-operating witness,” he said.

He additional aforesaid it saddens him that individuals whom his late bride-to-be and him entrusted with their deepest troubles area unit victimisation it as weapons against him.