Uzalo star gets scammed of R100 000

Uzalo star gets scammed of R100 000

There is nothing that’s additional painful than seeing yourself losing what’s deservingly yours.

Recently, the previous Uzalo main thespian Dawn Thandeka King, notoriously referred to as Manqobo, detached on her recent robberies and it left many of us brokenhearted to mention the smallest amount. in step with some media reports, there have been celebrity awards(the KZN Celebrity awards) some months back that saw Dawn Thandeka King scooping the award for the simplest thespian.

The honor that she won for the night was imagined to be among a add of R100 000, however sadly the organisers for the awards ar withholding the money that’s she is meant to induce from winning the award. Dawn Thandeka King has recently reached intent on ascertain why her rightful cash has not mirrored into her checking account, however it appears that nobody is ready to grant her a sound clarification.

“one of the organisers secure to foot 1/2 the money owed to Maine however until nowadays, I even have not seen any cent. If things persist like this i’ll go the action at law route” same the thespian once telling Illanga newspaper.

Dawn Thandeka King has recently affected loads of individuals once she got out of her temperature, and asterisked in an exceedingly new role on a T.V show referred to as Diep town. Hopefully they’re going to be ready to resolve this example before she decides to induce her cash by force.