Unicef : Action to prevent the spread of COVID-19!

Action to prevent the spread of COVID-19!

All around the world, people are taking necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), to support their communities, and prevent the spread of the outbreak. And your help matters.

As a volunteer, club member, young advocate, young reporter or concerned citizen we know that you are passionate about making the world a better place for children. Many of you are probably already taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19!

Inspired by the actions of young people across the world we’ve compiled a set of actions that anyone can take to join the fight against misinformation and stigma, and to promote community support and spirit, divided by the time it will take you to get involved, so you can decide how you can best contribute.

You can also download this guide in pdf format (6MB) and share it with your networks:


Before you take any action remember:

✅ Health first: do not put yourself at risk in any way. Make sure you follow local guidance regarding the types of activities that are permitted during the outbreak. Take care of your mental health, and if you are able to, help support others.

✅ Online safety: if people online become aggressive or behave like trolls do not engage with them. Check out more online safety tips here.

✅ It’s okay to be unsure: if someone asks you a question about COVID-19 and you’re not sure, don’t guess. Say that you don’t know and refer them to UNICEF and WHO or local government authorities.