Uncle Waffles made more in two months than many make in years, She Is The Highest Paid DJ In 2021. Opinion!!!!

Uncle Waffles made more in two months than many make in years, She Is The Highest Paid DJ In 2021. Opinion!!!!

Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles

Uncle Waffles made more in two months than many make in years, Mzansi’s latest viral DJ sensation Uncle Waffles undoubtedly had the best year in 2021, and as we all collectively prayed for her kind of grace to locate us in the new year, the young star went online to celebrate her wins.

She posted on her social media that she had played over 120 shows in just two months, for which she was very grateful. To fully wrap our heads around the magnitude of this win, this means that if she played every single day throughout November and December, she would have had at least two gigs every day.

That, obviously was not the case, as she was traveling the continent for her shows, and would have had to slot in rest and travel days, which means there are days on which she had more than three shows. Talk about staying booked and busy!

With the number she gave, tweeps immediately pulled out the calculators to figure out what that means in figures. But it is as yet unknown how much she charges per gig, so all the estimations were based purely on estimation and speculation.

As one tweep suggested, the absolute lowest she would charge per show could be R10K. Working with that figure, she would have made R1.2 Million (and more, considering she said she played more than 120 gigs) in just two months. Considering how in demand she has been internationally since her first viral video, the figure is probably a lot higher than that, possibly about R3 Million and more.

It is amazing to witness how successful she has been, especially since in the last few months of 2021, hating on her became one of Mzansi’s favourite pastimes. She trended at least once a week, and it was mostly because tweeps would drag her saying she has no talent, plays only one song – Adiwele – and only books gigs because she dresses seductively.

However, it would seem that the hate only propelled her to greater heights. As one fan pointed out, the constant trolling only increased her relevance and kept her in the spotlight, possibly booking her more gigs.

She has also been reminded to thank her management team for how well they have handled her career. When she first got famous, there were allegations that her team, mainly made up of men who have been in the industry much longer than she has, was grooming her to take advantage of her.

Uncle Waffles had to come forth to refute these allegations, and to stand by her record label. She has finally proved the naysayers wrong, and we love to see it.

Her career is certainly going far. Having played in Ghana multiple times in December, including at Afrochella, which is one of the biggest events in the country at that time of the year, she is obviously making great moves internationally. We wish her the very best, and cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for her!

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