Umkhokha: The end of Umkhokha has come and Xolile’s body has gone. Let me know in the comments

Umkhokha: The finale has come and Xolile’s body has gone. Watch


The end of Umkhokha has return and left USA with additional queries than answers, an ideal setup for yet one more season of the popular Sunday drama.
MaMzobe was finally understood by the law however wherever is Xolile’s body?

I was looking the finale with my family inquisitive over one in every of the plot holes of the show. Nobuntu, World Health Organization all over up obtaining killed by the poison, allegedly left behind a suicide note. however it’s strange that she did considering she was coming up with on poisoning the Mvelase family. It may be that she was progressing to consume the poison also however it it still a not-so-well thought out set up.

Personal Speculations concerning season two

But Nobuntu aside, Reggie got away with murder, well tried murder, all attributable to Difa the coward. Difa stuck by his better half till the bitter finish out of cowardliness and zip else. He risked everything defensive her and that i cannot sit up for the results of that within the second season!

Call it instinct however the approach the in-law reacted to being confronted created my mind go there. i do not suppose it had been accordant either from the approach she was shaking.

I have another fan theory which may be a touch place there. i do know that everybody thinks that Sphamandla is father of his brothers kid however… I in person suppose that Bab’ Mvelase is that the real father.
Umkhokha: The end of Umkhokha has come and Xolile's body has gone. Let me know in the comments 5

But the most important shock of all? Xolile’s body is missing! She died within the 1st episode attributable to her mother. on the other hand an equivalent mother took sand from her spot to spite her youngest sister with a curse. they have Xolile’s body hungry eliminate Umkhokha and currently it’s gone.

These square measure the people that i believe might have touched her:

• The partner in crime…. he disappeared once MaMzobe was understood

• Difa… he is a coward and a beguiler. He might have done it.

• Reggie… he is a touch disturbed at the instant and capable of something.

I hope Mzansi Magic can provide the show another as a result of i want to possess these plots resolved!

Umkhokha: The end of Umkhokha has come and Xolile's body has gone. Let me know in the comments 6

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