Twitter on fire: Simphiwe Dana wants Mzansi to leave Phume alone

Twitter on fire: Simphiwe Dana wants Mzansi to leave Phume alone

Sanctioned Accountant by calling Phume has the Twitter roads requiring her destruction after she made the men of Mzansi twerk on Instagram Live for an opportunity to win a fresh out of the plastic new PS5.

Mzansi men made a point to flaunt their twerking abilities to dominate a TV match yet the meeting got into a sticky situation via web-based networking media with tweeps saying something regarding the matter of men twerking for assets via web-based networking media.

#PhumeMustFall thought that it was’ self drifting via web-based networking media with a tweep saying that her activities via web-based networking media will before long make them twerking to get by as her industry doesn’t endure jabber.

Hawu! Who realized guiltless fun could land one in a difficult situation with your activity. Some tweeps protected Mpume over her activities as she was having a great time and simultaneously uncovered the twofold guidelines that men have towards ladies and called for Phume to rise.

Mmusi Maimane, Simphiwe Dana and a few different characters were not here for the calls for Phume to fall. Mmusi tweeted that nobody ought to be terminated for having a fabulous time on their online life and if there ought to be any endeavors Phume should tell everybody.