Trouble in paradise: Actress Sophie Ndaba and Max Lichaba split up due to her husband’s cheating

Trouble in paradise: Actress Sophie Ndaba and Max Lichaba split up due to her husband’s cheating

Legendary tv histrion Sophie Ndaba’s wedding to husband and man of affairs grievous bodily harm Lichaba is headed for dissolution simply a month once they revived their vows.

A local publication has learnt that Ndaba and Lichaba separated last year simply once the occurrence of Covid-19 in March.

The disintegration of their much-publicized union happened once they revived their vows and wore new weddings bands in Gregorian calendar month last year.

The two lovebirds ar allegedly heading for divorce once making an attempt unsuccessfully to delineated their variations and rekindle their love. If this faltering matrimony crumbles, it’ll be Ndaba’s third failing wedding in twenty three years.

Ndaba, World Health Organization shot to high status once she vie Queen Moroka in SABC1 soapie Generations, was married to fellow actor Themba Ndaba, World Health Organization plays Brutus within the Queen, in 1998. The couple unmarried in 2007.

She later tied the knot with Bishop Keith Harrington in 2011 and that they stone-broke up acrimoniously in 2013. She wed Lichaba in 2018.

News of Ndaba and Lichaba’s separation, that was unbroken undisclosed, was disclosed by the couple’s shut friend, World Health Organization didn’t wish to be named for concern of victimization.

The friend alleged that Lichaba has detached of their rented house in Joburg and resettled back to his town in city, Northern Cape, whereas the favored thespian has rapt back to her estate house, west of Joburg.

The friend alleged that the couple drifted apart once Ndaba defendant Lichaba of cheating on her with a lady from city, World Health Organization is thought to the publication.

“She aforementioned she discovered that he was cheating on her thereupon girl and once she confronted him, he denied knowing this girl. however she felt that the person was creating a fool of her,” aforementioned the friend.

The friend adscititious that the alleged mistress had aforementioned to Ndaba, once she confronted her concerning the affair, that Lichaba had told her that they’re within the method of divorcing.

Ndaba said: “I don’t have any comment. And to be honest, I don’t touch upon my non-public life.”

The alleged paramour refuted the allegations that she was concerned in associate adulterous affair with Lichaba. “I don’t recognize what you’re talking concerning,” she said. Lichaba refuted claims that his wedding has broken. “There’s no such factor,” he said.