Trompies member Eugene Mthethwa Reveals What Caused The Accident That Claimed Emmanuel ‘Mjokes’ Matsane’s Life

Trompies member Eugene Mthethwa Reveals What Caused The Accident That Claimed Emmanuel ‘Mjokes’ Matsane’s Life

On Sunday, 23 May, the South African music fraternity suffered an enormous blow once it lost Trompies member, Emmanuel ‘Mjokes’ Matsane.

Mjokes was one among the 5 members of the legendary Kwaito cluster that gave Mzansi hit once hit within the late 90s and early 2000s. He was conjointly the co-director at Kalawa Jazmee – a record label that has made wonderful talent.

According to a press release by the record label, the musician lost his life during a automobile accident shortly once a performance with the cluster.

It is with regret and disappointment to announce that our Kalawa Jazmee co-director and therefore the fifth member of Trompies, Emmanuel Mojalefa Matsane popularly referred to as Mjokes died during a automobile accident. The accident happened within the early hours of this morning once their performance with Trompies.

” All we tend to area unit left with is your heritage and it shall live on! permit US to mirror on such lovely recollections that created the globe dance,” the Kalawa Jazmee statement scan.

As messages of condolences and tributes started running in, news shops interviewed cluster members and fellow label mates UN agency spoke lovingly concerning the late musician.

In a clip by Newzroom Afrika on Twitter, fellow member Eugene Mthethwa paid tribute to his friend and colleague.

Mthethwa explained the pain of looking for on social media that his friend was no a lot of, adding that initially he thought it had been a hoax.

“As you’d recognize that these items, they are available as a shock and sadly we tend to get to understand concerning such things through social media. I got woken up this morning by someone UN agency was expression “RIP Mjokes” on social media, and that i thought they were jocose. I then known as his phone and sadly his phone was nonreciprocal, till I known as his married person and therefore the married person confirmed that so Mjokes isn’t any a lot of. So, it’s a tragic day for US, once such a performance…” Mthethwa aforementioned.

Mthethwa represented the late creator as a pacesetter UN agency was precocious, particularly once the cluster required a lead singer once recording a number of their hits as well as ‘Sweety Lavo’. He extra that there was ne’er a uninteresting moment once Mjokes around as a result of he was a awfully funny person, thence his nickname.

An emotional Mthethwa conjointly discovered that one among the causes of the accident that took Mjokes’ life was bibulous driving. He explained that he had rebuked a number of the members UN agency were drunk the night before after they were activity in Meadowlands.

“One of the items that caused the accident is drinking and driving, i’m not getting to search the bush.

“And i used to be terribly angry yesterday once I was rebuke them to mention “look guys, we tend to area unit activity in Meadowlands and that we honour folks from Meadowlands. we want to convey them the most effective performance. we tend to can’t be drunk. You can’t be drunk the means you’re, infact you can’t be drinking this a lot of once we area unit still occurring stage. we tend to continuously respect our fans. this can be not the Trompies that i do know.” i used to be thus angry yesterday that I even left before the event closed its doors as a result of i used to be thus angry even once the performance.

“This issue of drinking and driving it’s a drag and it’s quarantined one among our members,” Mthethwa aforementioned.

Watch the clip below.