Tidimalo had the streets all twisted.

Tidimalo had the streets all twisted.

Date My Family fans were ready to go to war with contestant Tidimalo after she caused a storm with her alleged “body shaming” and “name calling” boyfriend.

Businessman Daniel Lediga, who is 27, was out lookin for love and met the friends and family of three potential dates.

Dude was a lot, claiming he would never let his bae get a tattoo on his watch and she would need to change to his religion because he is the head of the house.

But Tidimalo took the cake!

Moghel had blood boiling like a kettle when she announced to Mzansi that she would never be caught dead dating someone who wears Relay jeans.

She was on slay queen 100, especially when she was flexing about her perfume and weighing in on dude’s style.

Tidimalo also said she was not here for those who were studying a bachelors degree in education.

Sis was not feeling it from the moment they met, and made it clear that she was in another lane and could not mix.

Soon Tidimalo had eyes rolling more than at an Eskom load-shedding press conference.

Over on social media, the streets were gatvol of Tidimalo’s “attitude” and filled TLs with memes and messages slamming her.

She was accused of everything from being “a gold-digger” to “rude” and “arrogant”.