these Things That The Stars Celebrated Youth Day

these Things That The Stars Celebrated Youth Day

Youth Day
Youth Day

This past Youth Day, very similar to the one last year was a sombre one. The night before, the president had announced that the country getting to be|are”> are going to be going to level 3 lockdown following the rapid rise in Covid19 infections. As a result, tons of celebrations round the country were cancelled. Also, the increase in unemployment among youth and ongoing corruption in parliament has left young South Africans feeling paralyzed with little or no to hope for. This goes against what Youth Day represents and is certainly not what the youth of 1976 fought and gave up their lives for. In an effort to lift the mood around Mzansi, some Zalebs including Mamkhize and Naymaps did their part to bring smiles to some faces.


Radio and tv personality Somizi Mhlongo began his day by performing to the Sarafina soundtrack. He ended off his day in Pretoria.

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Jerusalema singer Nomcebo brought out her school uniform and celebrated her day together with her colleagues.

The River

The cast of The River 1 Magic took on the Sarafina challenge. They were led by SAFTA award-winning actress Sindi Dlathu.

Nay Maps

Since he couldn’t physically leave to inspire the youth due to restrictions, The Queen actor Nay Maps decided to pen a heartfelt message to the youth of South Africa .

“Happy Youth Day South Africa! Amongst many other things this pandemic has removed like physical touch, the one thing i actually miss is having the ability to attend talks where I got the chance to share my story and encourage the youth.” He shared partially .

“I reflect back to a couple of years ago when this picture was taken. The sad reality is, that the percentage is increasing and therefore the hospitality industry is on a decline so we’ve to try to to whatever we will to assist the youth of today keep their dreams alive.”

Zodwa wa Bantu

Zodwa wa Bantu took the time off from performing and asked fellow Zalebs to not disturb her,


Slaying as always, Mamkhize began her day by honouring the youth of 1976 and acknowledging their sacrifices. “On this big day may we always remember the sacrifice it took for us to urge to where we are today. It took blood, sweat and tears for us to enjoy the liberty we’ve today”, she said partially .

Shauwn then spent her day with young and aspiring soccer players to offer them the hope that they have to stay chasing their dreams. “To the youth of South Africa , i do know things are faraway from perfect immediately . But once I see how some kids are being raised and groomed into leaders, it gives me such a lot hope that the longer term of this country is bright.”