This is the money DJ Prince Kaybee lost in 2020.

This is the money DJ Prince Kaybee lost in 2020.

South African musician, Prince Kaybee, is consistently dropping knowledge about the music industry and has used his wealth of data to tell aspiring artists on what or what to not neutralize their careers.

Just like many of his industry peers, Prince Kaybee suffered a huge income loss during 2020, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and has shared the figure he has potentially lost during the challenging year.

In a series of tweets shared today, 3 November 2020, the Hosh creator asked that his fellow artists make concessions for 2021, because the second wave of COVID-19 could potentially leave us back in situation . He stated, “Dear DJ’s, next year could be the 2nd version of 2020, save that cash you getting to make in December, PLEASE.” With the vacation period fast approaching, he advised his counterparts to bank the income acquired during December, just in case they’re forced into another nationwide lockdown.

What took followers all of sudden was his candidness when it came to what proportion money he could have made during a normal year. Averaging at 100 shows a year, Prince Kaybee implied that he was receiving remuneration of R80 000 for every gig. What?! He stated, “Imagine at your peak you are doing 100 shows a year charging 80k per show. Yep, you’ve got lost 8 MILLION RAND this year. COVID has taken the Live Income from artists and it’s no Joke.

Followers were shocked to find out about the potential earning power of DJs in South Africa , with a number of them coming for Prince Kaybee thanks to the very fact that he was complaining that he didn’t make R8 million this year. One follower replied with, “lol shem. a number of us couldn’t make average 4K a month to feed babies. Stfu.”

DJ Zinhle has been amongst the various musicians who have spoken out about their drastic loss of cash . Back in July 2020, she spoke out about how organisers had been calling upon her to offer free performers, not taking into consideration that she was amongst the various others who had not been receiving a salary since the start of lockdown.