Thickleeyonce has made it on Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty influencer list

Thickleeyonce has made it on Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty influencer list

Discussion about levels! From SA to the world, hefty size model Thickleeyonce will be a Savage x Fenty influencer, and she revealed to TshisaLIVE about it.

Despite the fact that the nation is under lockdown with very little to do, this hasn’t halted celebs like ‘Leeyonce from making sure about the sack and being perceived.

On Friday morning, the hefty size model overwhelmed Twitterville when she declared she’s been made as an influencer for American vocalist Rihanna’s hot unmentionables run called Savage x Fenty.


Addressing TshisaLIVE, ‘Leeyonce communicated extraordinary fervor about being an influencer for such a significant brand.

“What it implies is that I am one of Savage x Fenty’s influencers who aren’t generally diplomats. Consistently, I will get in their clothing and posting pictures of myself in the attractive product.

“What I love about this arrangement is that I get the opportunity to push my message of body inspiration. I love the way various they are with their range. I get the opportunity to work with them through my office.”

Leeyonce said it was significant for her to adjust herself to brands that are “really and truly” different on the grounds that that is the thing that she was about.

“I love to adjust my image to brands that assembling sizes that are for little and larger estimated ladies. I like that ladies of my size can likewise look and feel hot in the hot clothing.”

She said making it on the rundown made all the difficult work she’s been doing with her “body inspiration” brand justified, despite all the trouble.

“It’s a couple up for all the difficult work I have done every one of these years. It’s an approval of the message that I’ve been instructing about ladies cherishing their bodies in any case.

“Making sure about the pack is significant yet it’s similarly essential to ensure I satisfy what I have been pretty much all these numerous years.”

‘Leeyonce said Mzansi will see her in the provocative Savage x Fenty run when one week from now.

“You all will get the chance to see me in it one week from now. I will be in extremely hot clothing that I will shoot inside in light of the fact that we are under lockdown. I will be the one taking the greater part of my photos seeing as I am a photographic artist and I know my excellence and what I need my image to interpret.”