The Queen Mzansi fires actor SK Khoza (Shaka) After case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm assault Mandy

The Queen Mzansi fires actor SK Khoza(Shaka) After case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm assault Mandy

SK Khoza
SK Khoza

Reports have Surfaced that Sthembiso “ SK” Khoza, who plays‘ ACTOR on The Queen, has been shown the door by the show effective incontinently.

The actor’s time on the show has been hanging on by a bare thread for quite some time now. Suckers have been calling for his cancellation ever since he came online to confess that he’d been emotionally abusing his also-fiancée, dental guru Ayanda Hlongwane. In the since-deleted Instagram post, he said he’d been taking his frustrations out on her, and he’d just realised it was wrong of him.

Shortly latterly, reports surfaced that he’d gone further to physically assault her too. The news broke after he was allegedly arrested when Ayanda filed assault charges against him. Although neither of them would address the incident directly in public, they deleted filmland of each other on their social media runners and unfollowed each other. Suckers took this as evidence that the two had broken up.

Tweeps were largely sympathetic to Ayanda following the contended incident, and they came out to offer support. The biggest outgrowth of the saga, however, was the rallying cry by tweeps, for SK Khoza to be cancelled.
Mandy Hlongwane opened case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm against SK Khoza last weekend.

SK Khoza allegedly physically assault Mandy after she questioned him about impregnating another woman while they were planning their wedding.

— Musa Khawula (@khawula_musa) October 17, 2021
Well, the sweats feel to eventually be bearing fruit, as he has been fired from the show. The part of Shaka is no more, as SK leaves, which suckers see as a great move. Some had suggested that the part was getting to his head, and he was getting into further trouble with the law just like‘Shaka’does.

According to sources, he has been removed by the show because of the pending assault case against him. Multichoice, Mzansi Magic’s mama company, apparently made the administrative decision to dismissal him. It’s likely that they aren’t willing to be associated with the actor any more because his public image is taking hit after megahit.
Deep deep we all knew this day will come SK is a good actor but he is very ill-deciplined he should have been fired a lot time ago.

— Zandile Excel (@ZandileExcel) November 17, 2021
Suckers have no sympathy for Khoza for the loss of his job. Numerous have taken to social media to say that he only has himself to condemn for the charge. Some indeed suppose that he should have been fired sooner, as they were sick of seeing him on their defenses formerly.

They also suppose he was given enough chances to change his ways, but fully refused to learn from his miscalculations. Air is eventually catching up with him, and the suckers could n’t be more agitated. Their only remorse is that the show had to stay for Multichoice to intermediate, rather of making the vital decision themselves.

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