The DJ says, leaving Kairo for work doesn’t get easier

The DJ says, leaving Kairo for work doesn’t get easier

DJ Zinhle Confesses That Mom Duties Are difficult for her and Kairo.

Most working mothers face exactly what DJ Zinhle, has just admitted is getting more and more difficult for her and Kairo.

The older Kairo is getting, the more intelligent and more she’s showing off her sass- everyday, princess Kairo is up to something and those that follow DJ Zinhle, know that her and Kairo are BFFs joint at the hip.

And admittedly, we love to see it. The two are mother and daughter goals.


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Recently the DJ let her fans know that living with a four-year-old who thinks she knows everything is not all rainbows and unicorns anymore.

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Taking to social media Zinhle revealed that Kairo just isn’t having her leave for work these days. When the princess was little she didn’t ask too many questions but now she refuses to let Zinhle leave unless she feels it’s for a good enough reason or that she can come along too.

No, we’re not crying – you are.

Kairo has obviously grown a lot closer with her mother the older she gets and now voices that she misses her mamma bear when she’s gone.

Being a mom is not easy at all but she’s learning to negotiate with Kairo, so that they are both happy but we’re certain – it doesn’t get any easier.

Other moms, hoped on to the post to share their experiences with their own kids, give some advice and offer up support to the DJ.

The most popular response to DJ Zinhle’s post was to stay focused and although it doesn’t get easier, Kairo will grow to appreciate all of it.