the BTS drama, Shona Ferguson’s family have have kept Mzansi entertained with their productions and behind-the-scenes drama.

the BTS drama, Shona Ferguson’s family have have kept Mzansi entertained with their productions and behind-the-scenes drama.

In a bizarre episode of art imitates life, 2020 gave us drama, drama and more drama from couple and owners of Ferguson Films, Connie and Shona, both on and off the screen.

With everything from showing off their lavish mansion and lots of luxury cars to fitness routines, downtime in their house and family vacations that had many screaming “please take us with you!”, 2020 proved a reality show focused on the life and times of couple Connie and Shona and their family would sell like hot cakes.

More than that, the behind-the-scenes drama that kept them trending on Twitter this year also proved the pair are truly within the business of “making drama” both on and off the screen.

From making money moves to firing more actors than Mzansi was ready for, the Fergusons served us hot entertainment on all fronts.

Here’s a timeline of top events in 2020 involving the facility couple:

Covid-19 hits Fergusons where it hurts
Despite being seemingly untouchable, life reminded Connie and Shona that actually Covid-19, was getting to ruin their plans a bit like everyone else. the worldwide pandemic affected their business when lockdown forced them to place down their tools.

Connie, who runs Ferguson Films together with her husband, told the Sunday Times: “We won’t be ready to deliver that content by the top of May. There’s such a lot happening behind the scenes. We are brooding about how we’re getting to survive as a corporation , but not only that, we are thinking how are we getting to help our people.”

However, after a couple of weeks, some regulations were relaxed which allowed them to travel back to figure .

Ferguson Films goes on ‘firing spree’

While it is not outrageous for productions to fireside actors and hire new ones, the amount of actors Ferguson Films fired raised some red flags for his or her fans.

Actors Dineo Langa, Rami Chuene, Mlamli Mangcala and even Shona himself are some who were either fired or did not have their acting contracts renewed by the assembly company.

While Rami’s exit was filled with drama and sub-tweets, Dineo’s exit is that the one that broke many fans’ hearts.

“All The Queen season four contracts are ending on May 31. we’ve a replacement crop of actors carrying the story for season 5, so not everyone are going to be returning, including Kea and Jerry.”

Kea formed a part of the first cast of the favored show and played Connie’s on-screen daughter. Connie said the way during which Kea would exit would surprise many but it had been a crucial element of the plot.

Fergusons get backlash for firing actors, especially Rami Chuene

Of all the actors who were abandoning , Rami’s exit was the one with the foremost fireworks.

This was especially courtesy of how her exit came to be known by Mzansi.

Sunday World reported that Rami’s character is about to be killed off after alleged behind-the-scenes drama with the Ferguson family, who produce the show.

The publication said the connection between Rami and therefore the Fergusons deteriorated after the actress allegedly sided with seasoned actress Vatiswa Ndara after Vatiswa’s letter to sports, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa last year. Vatiswa publicly supported Rami while Rami’s fans dragged the corporate on social media.

Rami confirmed she was leaving and said she was getting to try her utmost to be knowledgeable on set.

After the dust had settled, the Fergusons replied to a lover who wanted to understand why they always “fire” people during an Instagram LIVE chat with actor Themba Ndaba.

“Guys, this is often a soap, it is a telenovela, OK. Characters come and go. That’s how soaps operate. It’s for a story, sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go,” Connie said.

Ferguson Films actors get up against ‘trolls’ for his or her bosses
Zenande Mfenyana and SK Khoza defended their bosses at The Queen, with Zenande telling fans she is going to not tolerate anyone badmouthing them to her.

The Fergusons had made headlines in recent months amid claims of mistreatment from actors and an letter from former The Queen actor Mlamli Mangcala, alleging the producers made empty promises about his salary adjustments, made its thanks to Zenande’s TL.

“Don’t for one second assume i will be able to entertain people badmouthing my bosses. So if you’ve got something negative to mention about them, don’t bring it in my mentions please. Let’s respect one another . Hands off the Fergusons,” she wrote.

Her comments come just days after actor SK slammed those that were criticising the couple.

“Take a flash and appreciate. Shout bent Shona and Connie Ferguson. most are just hating on y’all. once you the simplest , people will talk, it doesn’t matter if you doing good or bad,” he wrote.

Connie sparks colourism debate with ‘black face’ snap

Connie faced the Twitter firing party after a snap of her together with her face seemingly darkened for a replacement role went viral.

The image, posted to Ferguson Films’ Instagram page, shows Connie dressed as a domestic worker. Her hair is protruding of her hat while she stares at the camera.

While many users, including several celebs, found the snap amusing, others took to Twitter to accuse the actress of “black face”.

The Fergusons give iconic Brenda Ngxoli star treatment
Veteran actress Brenda has praised Ferguson films for giving her a personal room for the primary time in her 15-year career within the show business .

Though Ferguson Films has been shrouded in controversy over the past few years, Brenda joined those on set of their productions who have praised the couple.

“With quite 15 years within the industry, I can finally say I even have my very own room . this is often a primary on behalf of me ,” said the star, who joined the telenovela this year.

Shona goes for boss of the year, with frozen dessert truck for his employees
The Queen actor Vuyo Ngcukana spilt the deets on Twitter of a cute moment that happened on set, courtesy of Shona.

The actor took to Twitter with a story about the “ice cream” scene within the Queen. The star said Shona surprised the cast of the show with an frozen dessert truck.

“The frozen dessert scene wasn’t planned like that. Shona Ferguson decided to surprise us with an frozen dessert truck on set that day. It arrived as we were close to shoot and rather than Russians and chips we jumped at the prospect and asked for frozen dessert instead,” wrote Vuyo.

Ferguson Films take harassment seriously
Shona and Connie were applauded by Swift SA, an organisation committed to gender equality within the show business , earlier this year. This after the facility couple welcomed a workshop by the organisation on their the set to make sure it’s an area where equality is of utmost importance.

Taking to Instagram, the organisation posted a snap with the Fergusons, thanking them and therefore the cast for “opening their minds and hearts and taking the pledge to play their role in ending harassment and discrimination within the entertainment industry”.

“The leadership of Ferguson Films is fully support of the harassment impact workshop persisted the set of The Queen.”

Ferguson Films makes money moves with Netflix partnership
After teasing Mzansi with snippets of their upcoming project Kings Of Joburg, media moguls Shona and Connie finally announced that they had entered into a partnership with Netflix to offer the people what they need .

The power couple who, through Ferguson Films, have given Mzansi productions like Igazi and therefore the Queen, opened about their first partnership with the web streaming service.

Shona and Connie went back to what they know and love, and used actors they’ve worked with before to breathe life into the vision that they had for the series.