Terry Pheto talks about Pregnancy Rumours

Terry Pheto talks about Pregnancy Rumours

Although Terry Pheto has been within the show business for several years, she has managed to stay her sexual love private.

No matter how private you’re some things always have how of beginning . In Terry’s case Sunday World alleges that she is expecting her first child with bae Masande Peter.
“Terry is pregnant and enjoying the journey. She likes to stay her life private; that’s why they need not publicly announced the news,” claims a source on the brink of the couple

Although the baby daddy is over the mope the baby, Terry has reportedly asked him to not say anything just yet.

“She told him that she wanted to remain out of the spotlight so she will welcome the baby privately . He treats her sort of a queen, so he respects her decision,”

Terry for her own part denied being pregnant and blames the Corona kilos thanks to lockdown.

The most public relationship that Terry has ever been in, is with another well esteemed media personality, DJ Sbu.

During the course of their super low-key relationship, the 2 repeatedly denied being an item. However, it had been years later during a television interview when DJ Sbu confirmed that indeed they dated.

A few years ago, Sunday Sun reported that Terry was during a serious romantic relationship with IT Mogul, Masande Peter. Although the connection was never confirmed by both parties, many were convinced that these two are together.

And now, consistent with Daily Sun, the talented actress is readying to steer down the aisle pretty soon, and it’s set to be a really low-key wedding as Terry remains thereon privacy tip.

Several sources spoke to Daily Sun and had this to mention about Terry’s upcoming big day.

“Even cellphones won’t be allowed at the key venue. That’s one
wedding you won’t see pictures of circulating on social media.”

In the article it had been also stated that Terry’s bachelorette party was postponed until further notice, which was set to require place at the Seychelles.

”Terry was forced to postponed her bachelorette party within the India Ocean island of the Seychelles yesterday because she remains in Rome, Italy. Everything was going consistent with plan for the bachelorette until the eleventh hour . She called everybody that she remains stuck in Rome and is postponing the party. She said she is going to allow them to know when is it happening.”

Some of the celebrity guests include, Terry’s while ally and fellow actress, Mampho Brescia and supermodel, Rosette Ncwana.