Tebello’s dad is trash yazi

Tebello’s dad is trash yazi

When Tebello’s father came into the picture viewers were excited at the prospect of him finally living a stable life.

However, last night’s episode of #Scandal exposed quite a distasteful and disappointing reality about Tebello’s father, Nare. His mission is currently unknown, but many viewers are heavily suspecting that he’s set on financially milking the living daylights out of Yvonne.

During this episode, Nare was seen making his way home in Ladybrand, where he’ll supposedly settle with Tebello – this is after he was taken in by Yvonne. The father and son duo were seen at a dingy and undisclosed location.

Nare then called Yvonne, requesting assistance with a mere R650 for bus fare because he had just “lost” his wallet – LIES!

Yvonne fell for this trick, even though she had slight doubts about Nare’s actions.

Later, Nare demanded that his son call up Yvonne and now ask her for an additional R2,000. Wow talk about being pushy!

Little Tebello begrudgingly obliged, and as it would have it – YV actually sent the money through. Bingo!

The last bit of the scene, saw Tebello nonchalantly, reveal that Yvonne will be travelling out the country for quite a while. Nare’s facial expression, was that of someone who was thinking of cooking up a scheming plan.

This new exciting story-line has many viewers highly anticipating what’s to come!