Stogie T wants R500 000 from Nota Baloyi for defamation

Stogie T wants R500 000 from Nota Baloyi for defamation

Stogie T wants R500 000 from Nota Baloyi for defamation 3

Top Hipsterism- hop music superintendent and trends influencer Nota Nhlamulo Baloyi seems perplexed by the vilification action filed against him by rapper and businessman Boitumelo Molekane, popularly known by his stage name Stogie T, after Baloyi allegedly called the stager lyrist a woman basher on social media.

According to court papers filed at the Johannesburg High Court, dated November 25, Molekane is demanding R500 000 and proclaims that the commentary made by Baloyi on his Twitter runner caused unrecoverable reputational detriment to his brand.
Still, Baloyi said that in his tweets, published on October 3, he simply refocused out that Molekane tried to punch him but missed, rather hitting an unknowing woman behind him on the jaw at a lavish café in Sandton.

He said
I haven’t entered the process, but it’s strange because he was the bone who tried to assault me. I’ve everything on camera and there are a lot of substantiations and his action has no legs. I’m not indeed going to instruct my attorney to defend this. I want to do it myself.

Baloyi made a name for himself during his term as the business director of rapper Senzo “ Kwesta” Vilakazi. He’s also married to Afro-pop sensation Gugulethu Khumalo, known by her stage name Berita.
According to Molekane’s concerted process, the tweets read “ I [email protected] weeks after a conflict with a friend defending my honour 2 weeks agone. Stogie T struck a black woman’s jaw with a clenched fist in the preceding chaos. I saw him hiding in the corner, walked over and said I heard you ’re looking for me? He swung & missed!”
“ Moral of the story, he missed me and only hits black women …. Fortunately, I was suitable to drag (him) to the ground by his extended arm and his collar. His fist punched the named (sic) bottom as he hit the ground face first, where enamel met ceramic. I [email protected] have CCTV footage ….”
The papers further indicated that the tweets portrayed Molekane as having no regard for gender- grounded violence.

“ The allegations contained in these social media posts aren’t only false and hurtful, but designedly intended to cheapen and label the complainant unfavourably and to destroy his good name and character among his peers in the assiduity and his suckers.”
The papers said that Baloyi’s commentary were reckless and could jeopardise Molekane’s capability to secure gigs and induce an income.
The complainant was defamed and his character in the regard of the reasonable listener of the general public was gravely lowered … and he suffered damages in the quantum of R500 000.

They also lamented that Baloyi refused to repudiate the statements upon being served with a letter of demand.

Molekane didn’t respond to a written enquiry and his phone chimed unanswered.

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