Stogie T And Nota reconciled after a big quarrel

Stogie T And Nota reconciled after a big quarrel

Stogie T And Nota reconciled after a big quarrel
Stogie T And Nota reconciled after a big quarrel

Stogie T has finally created Nota Baloyi eat humble pie as he allegedly ill-treated him throughout a Hip Hop event. the 2 World Health Organization are beefing for a few time currently, got concerned in an exceedingly brawl that saw Nota Baloyi apparently obtaining ill-treated and dragged out from the venue.

Last night Nota Baloyi lidded the trends list once he and rapper Stogie T, real name Tumi Molekane, got into a fight. A clip of Nota obtaining dragged out from the venue has since gone infective agent.

According to Nota, the 2-minute fight was a results of the rapper allegedly punching a girl at the club. He then approached him to confront him for that, however it resulted in fists.

“He did not even scratch Pine Tree State, did not even return close to Pine Tree State. He tried to swipe at Pine Tree State however he was thus slow, I may duck, move, grab his hand and check that his hand hits the bottom before he may hit the bottom,” he said, adding that Stogie bounced on his belly.

“I walked up to Stogie T once he told a fan of mine that he was searching for Pine Tree State. They got into a fight and he finished [up] punching a girl as a result of that fight.” This fight apparently occurred period of time agone, and Nota approached Stogie as a result of that and confronted him. He aforesaid Stogie created threats associated he complied by giving him an address for Stogie to drag informed.

Nota then makes headline suggestions speech communication it ought to browse as follows: “Nota says Stogie T punches a girl attempting to urge to him.”

Nota believes he schooled Stogie a lesson, by promise him down and showing him mercy. “What? fat boy didn’t bit me… I created him eat tiles!” He then additional that he ripped Stogie’s garments whereas he (Stogie) failed to bit him in the least.

Their beef has been on going for years currently and Tumi needed fight Nota since last year.

On Twitter once everyone caught wind of the fight, Nota, World Health Organization is on his millionth Twitter account as they keep obtaining suspended, defended himself. “I confronted @TumiMolekane once weeks once a scuffle with a fan defensive my honour a pair of weeks agone. Stogie T affected a black woman’s jaw with a fist within the succeeding chaos. I saw him activity within the corner walked up and aforesaid I detected you are looking for me? He swung & missed!”

“Moral of the story he uncomprehensible Pine Tree State and solely hits BLACK girls…Fortunately i used to be ready to drag him to the bottom by his extended arm and his collar. His hand punched the covered floor as he hit the bottom face 1st wherever enamel met ceramic. I hope @levelthreevenue have CCTV footage,” he said.

Nota then clarifies that he failed to lay hands on Stogie and aforesaid he solely pushed him to the bottom thus he may injure himself.

Last year, Nota ripped into Stogie and aforesaid he’s flat stone-broke and lives at his mother’s house. “He (Stogie) stays at his momma’s crib…he’s still living beneath his mother’s shadow you recognize. i am not mentioning your mother in any disrespectful lightweight, i’m talking regarding you truly being wherever you’re as a result of your ma and not as a result of your raps. you probably did not rap your thanks to France, you probably did not rap your thanks to Suisse.”

“It’s not as a result of your music is moving and shaking the globe, you visit those places they are doing not grasp something regarding your music. You not Lucky Dube or one thing, (and) you not some accomplished creative person, you’re simply a beau which will rap…Stogie may be a hobby rapper!”

“You grasp there’s funny things that Stogie T has aforesaid, as I aforesaid something dangerous regarding his ma. He was wanting nice in his thusngs so he may be brag and have swagg and travels on the account of his mother’s MK standing. i’m not fighting him, he’s simply a fraud,” aforesaid Nota.

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