Sophie Lichaba wants to let the world know she still alive and very good

Sophie Lichaba wants to let the world know she still alive and very good

Sophie Lichaba is alive and well and needs to let the planet know! Just yesterday reports of her hospitalization were making the rounds. it had been alleged that the actress was in the hospital fighting for her life after affected by several strokes.

Well, she didn’t take the news lying down. She packs up the news via her weekly Sunday post. “Happy Sunday Angels. i used to be reminded once more that the devil isn’t proud of one’s restoration. As he meddles I move forward.

Obese Satane whose daughter I’m. Living my life like its Golden. And it is!! Hear it from me darlings n My God as key witness “I’m living my life like its Golden” With this silly diabetes, I’m still here. We launch n celebrate those that survived to not mock them. We truth ambassadors of this survival movement. Toast to a wonderful life. allow them to bored ones talk, akere they’re bored, let’s keep them talking. Nna I’m with great care excited you!”

Here may be a little background of why her health has been making the headlines. Sophie Lichaba earned her popularity through her still prolific role on the first version of “Generations.” She played the beloved character of Queen Morake. A full-figured, bubbly receptionist for brand spanking new Horizon which became Ezweni; along side the various other reiterations the fictional ad agency had throughout the soapies’ history. What made the character of “Queen,” and in extension, Sophie, so lovable were their unapologetic but loving nature.

Back in 2018, Sophie Lichaba surprised the planet when the matter of her drastic weight loss made headlines. First, the pictures shared on the matter were circulated and resulted during a social media storm where trolls attempted to tug her for the load loss. However, that quickly turned sour when the important reason for the load loss was revealed.

As she has reiterated repeatedly before, Sophie was quoted as having said; “You know that I’m diabetic right, so once you are depressed, your sugar level will certainly go up. So once they checked me they found that because my sugar level was up, my body was burning tons of fat. So basically the fat that I take, my body will burn it quickly which resulted in me losing tons of weight.”

Well there you’ve got it, Sophie lives her best life with no plans of stopping anytime soon.