Somizi’s Baby Mama Talks About when she found out Somizi is gay!

Somizi‘s Baby Mama Talks About when she found out Somizi is gay!

Somizi's Baby Mama Talks About when she found out Somizi is gay! 5
Somizi Mhlongo’s reality show, Living The Dream with Somizi, keeps obtaining a lot of heated than ever. In today’s episode Palesa Madisakwane, the mother of his female offspring Bahumi, finally spoke regarding her relationship with the Idols reserves decide and creator. description however and once she discovered he’s a gay.

On the third episode of Living The Dream, Palesa M let viewers in on her relationship with Somizi Mhlongo, speech she did not understand he was gay. All she saw, was a beau WHO was renowned for prima in Sarafina. She conjointly mentioned however she didn’t perceive the entire thought of being a homosexual thus she had to be told as time went on.

She same Somizi’s late mother Jewess Twala and his sister, were those WHO initial discovered this to her, adding that they told her to go away their baby, Bahumi, with them, thus she may live her life.

Speaking to her nail technician, she said; “When I visited speak to Somizi’s mother and his sister, I bear in mind Somizi’s mother speech ‘my kid, you’ll see however Somizi is. He isn’t like different boys. offer U.S.A. the kid and prolong together with your life.”
Somizi's Baby Mama Talks About when she found out Somizi is gay! 6
“I had conjointly simply discovered that he was gay and that i had fallen pregnant along with his kid, you know? it absolutely was a confusing time of my life to know what being gay meant. i feel in my very little girly mind, i believed I had a beau,” she additional. “I may brag regarding my beau being a locality of Sarafina whenever he came to examine Maine,” she laughed.

Palesa then took it back to once Somizi did Associate in Nursing interview with Cassper Nyovest on the Braai Show wherever he same she knew regarding his gender and was solely testing him.

“Even the baby mama is aware of that once she told Maine she likable Maine, I told her i used to be gay. She same i used to be lying and she or he tested Maine. i made a decision to travel for it and that’s however it happened,” he told Cassper.

But within the episode, Palesa same it hurts once Somizi would simply slug her, “What hurts Maine the foremost is that once he will his interviews or once I scan somewhere… he would typically say that I knew he’s gay which is fake. once he says I knew that he was gay, however did i do know such? wherever would I even have learned regarding sexual activity through him.”

The reality show has been a really attention-grabbing one in addition with Palesa delving deeper into the normal problems concerning their kid. Palesa even same Somizi has not nevertheless paid damages for Bahumi.

“He set to travel pay lobola and have multiple weddings while not paying damages for my kid. So, I simply stood back and ascertained,” she same on last week’s episode.

Even Bahumi touched on her father being during a relationship while not telling her a lot of regarding it, “I was hurt within the starting of their relationship as a result of my father reasonably shut Maine out. He wasn’t extremely explaining something to Maine. Not that he owes Maine an evidence however it might be kind, simply place Maine within the loop,” she shared.

“Let Maine understand that you’re obtaining married. to seek out out the means that I discovered was terribly hurtful. checking out that he was chemical analysis somebody that’s younger than Maine that was a primary and he’s delivery him into his life during a means that he hasn’t brought Maine in.”

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