Somizi stopped on the street to help a stranded stranger. And here’s why he stopped.

Somizi stopped on the street to help a stranded stranger. And here’s why he stopped.

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung recently found outing of his usually hectic schedule to be an honest Samaritan and do an honest deed for a stranger who was stuck on the roadside all by herself.

The Idols SA judge took to his Instagram to share the great deed he did when he recently offered help to a lady he didn’t know who was stuck after her automobile battery died.

He started by explaining that he was aware that by helping an entire stranger, he put his own life in peril because all the evil within the world makes it hard for people to trust anything or anyone.

“I know we sleep in a world filled with anger, rage and danger. we do not trust anything albeit it’s innocent. Sometimes, if not most times, we see people in need of help by the roadside and that we wonder if we should always help or not, and that i find myself worrying if they’re gonna be okay, especially if it is a woman. during this case this woman was stuck within the middle of a busy road on William Nicol and cars were just passing by so I made a U-turn and visited ask her if she had received any assistance. Her battery had died, she said.”

Somizi shared that due to his cap, sunglasses and mask, the lady in distress didn’t immediately recognise who he was. He said he offered to attend with the lady , Melissa, until help or her husband arrived.

“I was wearing my cap and mask and sunglasses so she had no idea who i used to be . i used to be on my thanks to gym so I didn’t mind waiting together with her and skipping the gym. Eventually her husband called to mention he’s five minutes away so she said I can leave. I gave her my numbers just just in case she needs help because I’m just across the road. i feel she realised after I had left who i used to be when she saw my dp on my WhatsApp i assume ..”

Here’s the screenshot from Melissa, who apparently had no concept she’d been helped out by Somizi.

Just check how excited she was *the multiple texts are one sign*

The reality television star went on to connect a message encouraging people to recollect that while the planet may be a dangerous place, it’s also “not that bad”.

“The moral of the story is making this world a far better place (takes) one person at a time. it isn’t that bad,” he wrote.